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Blofield Primary School

Our intention at Blofield

The National Curriculum for mathematics has three core aims: 

  • Fluency - applying knowledge rapidly and accurately
  • Reasoning - combining different mathematical relationships and using correct language to justify answers
  • Problem solving - using knowledge to answer a range of problems including breaking them down into smaller steps to find a solution


Blofield Primary School agrees with the core aims of the National Curriculum. In order to fulfil these aims, we teach mathematics that incorporates the core aims of fluency, reasoning and problem solving to develop successful mathematicians. By following these aims, pupils will become confident mathematicians who can apply and draw on the skills learnt at Blofield in their future academic and working life.


Pupils are required to explore the subject in depth, make cross-curricular links with other subjects, use precise vocabulary, be adaptive in their approach to unfamiliar problems and be able to explain their methods. Following the White Rose scheme as well as using a wide range of other mathematics resources at school enables this to happen. Pupils are taught through the concrete-pictorial-abstract form and to use the best methods suitable for the questions. Further, we encourage our pupils to approach the subject without fear and with the understanding that the process of learning is an essential part of mathematics. In the wider sense, our curriculum provides a foundation for understanding the world, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity for the subject.  


The intention is underpinned by: 

  • High expectations of progress from their starting point at Blofield. 

  • Quality modelling of methods and showing good practice.  

  • Using precise, specific vocabulary to help develop pupils’ abilities to explain their reasoning. 

  • Using White Rose to support planning units and topics of work that are differentiated, focused and taught at a good pace. 

  • Pupils being challenged and encouraged to be active, independent learners. 

  • Knowing that mathematics is essential to everyday life. 

Blofield Primary School Values

  • "Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up" Mary Holloway
  • "To make a difference, you have to have large aspirations" Roshni Nadar
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das