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Welcome back to the Autumn Term at School - we are delighted to see our pupils back in the classrooms
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Year 6

Well Year 6, I hope that you had a great leavers' party on Friday and I am genuinely sad that it is our last day. I have had an amazing year and although it is a shame that you are all leaving, at least you are off to high school where you will have many more opportunities and possibilities. Work hard, be nice and remember - most importantly of all - to enjoy yourselves in whatever you do or wherever you go. 


Mr Dibden smiley



Hi Guys


Well what a strange end to the year and I am really sad that I did not get to say goodbye in person. So with that in mind I decided to write you a little note to wish you a happy summer holiday and an amazing time at your new schools. As I am writing this I am thinking back to all of the lessons that we had together in all sorts of weather and playing different sports. You always made me laugh (well most of the time) and enjoy our lessons which made me proud of your hard work and dedication. I have so many really fond memories of both individual and class triumphs for example when all 32 of you ran a mile non stop out on the field. Anyway it is time for you guys to go on to High School and I will miss you next year, so take care of yourself and each other, work hard and enjoy all of the new friends that you will make.


Mr K

Good bye year 6,

I am sad that I missed so many of your experiences over the last few months. I was really proud that so many of you were in the marimba group and gave such a fabulous performance at the music festival. I will always remember your rendition of Living on a prayer and your enthusiasm. I wish you all the best with your transfer to your new schools over the next few weeks.

Ms Masterson

Race Around the World Final Stage

Leavers' party letter

Hello for one last week Year 6.


Very sad it's our last week! I have a few updates so will try to be as clear as possible:

  • First of all, thank you to everyone for sending in your report comments. 
  • Second, if you are not already aware, we are going to be hosting a leavers' party and all Year 6 children are invited! The letter is attached above if you haven't received one via email.
  • If you have taken an interest in WW2 and have a Kindle or way to download Amazon books, there is a book called The Book Thief that I recommend. 
  • On Friday, both Year 6 bubble A and B will be watching the film Goodnight Mr Tom. As it is a PG, if you DO NOT wish for your child to watch it, please let me, Mrs Prior or the school office know.


Your work. 

In English we will be learning about air-raid shelters and writing based on them.

In maths we will be learning about the Fibonacci spiral and golden ratio.

In topic the work stretches two lessons and is research based.

Please note there is not formal lessons on Friday due to Goodnight Mr Tom in the morning and the leavers' party in the afternoon.


Mr Dibden yes

Race Around the World Stage 5



For your final week I have the last of the challenges for you.

Click on the link to access the website.

Once you have finished this, I have a bilingual leavers song for you. Whenever I listen to it, it always brings a tear to my eye and reminds me of all the classes I have taught at Blofield, who then went onto High school. I will miss you all!

Have a fabulous summer, take care and enjoy making lots of new friends at your next school. I wish you success in all your subjects but particularly in your French, German or Spanish lessons!

Mme Pandit😊

This is what the page looks like when you click on the link.

Bilingual school leavers' song - Chanson bilingue de la fin de l'école, French & Anglais.mp4

Still image for this video

Hello Year 6! Hope you have had a good week. 

In English, we will write a speech this week.

In mathematics, we are doing puzzles and challenges all week.

In topic, we will continue WW2 with some art and Morse code.


Also, for those at home, could you please send me 80-100 words for your pupil comments in this year's report. Focus on Year 6 and can you write: thing(s) you have enjoyed, an area you have improved at and an area you would like to improve next year.


Have a great week,


Mr Dibden

We did Mr. Keating's challenges (and a few more) on Friday!

Race Around the World Stage 4



If you enjoyed the previous challenges, have a go at this one.

As you navigate through the screens, note the meaning of the vocabulary in this topic.

At high school you will do the topic of House and will need to know this vocabulary.  If you try to learn some or all of it, it will give you a headstart.

Bonne Chance!

Mme Pandit😊

Hello Year 6 - I hope you are all well. 

First of all, congratulations to Eva for reaching 1,000,000 words in Accelerated Reader!

In English this week, we are going to write and edit our story based on 'I Believe in Unicorns' where Tomas goes into the village after the bombing.

In maths, we continue statistics and look at lots of other different graphs and charts.

In Topic, we will be researching the holocaust and Anne Frank.


Hope you have a great week and you all know my email if you need to contact me (

Mr Dibden 



This week I have a great song to help you learn how to form the negative in French.  You have used the structure already over the past few years but a catchy song will always help you to recall how to form it.  Test yourself with the worksheet to see how well you have grasped it.

Bonne chance et à la semaine prochaîne!

Mme Pandit😊

ne...pas song.mp4

Still image for this video



Morning, I've just noticed that question 3 of the daily calculations today has the greater/ less than symbols the wrong way round. I've edited it correctly now but if you've started maths before 10am then just check that question smiley

Some great English work read by Milly

Still image for this video

Throwing Challenge

Still image for this video

Catching Challenge

Still image for this video

Triple Jump Challenge

Still image for this video
Day 3's Challenge. If you cannot manage the hop step jump you can do 3 jumps instead. Mr K



If you enjoyed helping Madame Allirot find her party guests by answering questions on clothes two weeks ago, you might like to have a go at another, similar challenge.  This time, it is you who needs help. You are on a survival camp in Corsica and you have lost your group. Complete the missions to find your group leader' s phone number.

(The 13 adjectives you need to look for in the wordsearch are CHARMANT, GRAND, COOL, GENTIL, MODESTE, CURIEUX, INTELLIGENT, DRôLE, BEAU, BRANCHé, IMPATIENT, GENEREUX, POLI)

Bonne Chance!

Mme Pandit😊

Egg and Spoon Challenge

Still image for this video
Tuesday's Challenge hope you are all well. Enjoy Mr K.

Speed Bounce Challenge

Still image for this video
Day one of our challenges remember to send in a video if you want to ( Will work on my videoing skills as the week goes on ) . Have a great week. Mr K

Hello Year 6 


I hope you have all had a good week. We're filling up with children here at Blofield - congratulations Thomas W. on becoming our latest millionaire word reader (12 millionaire readers now!).

For English, we are planning our story that we will write next week.

In maths, it is all about charts and graphs.

For Topic, we will first look at the role of females during the war and jobs, and then on Tuesday research a leader from the war.


Have a great week!

Mr Dibden yes

Look at Taliesin's project on WW2 with family members who fought

Flip Flop Challenge

Still image for this video
Hi guys hope you are all well. Have set this up for you and there will be a challenge on each day next week for national sports week. If you can and want to take some videos of the challenges and send them in to me at school as it would be lovely to see all your happy smiley faces. Mums and dads feel free to have a go too for some family fun. Take care all of you am missing each and every one of you and will hopefully see you soon. Mr K .

Race Around the World Stage 3

*** Next week we are going to make some bar charts and (possibly) line graphs. To help with my planning and to make sure you are all able to have enough data, can you please email me the following information: your shoe size and the colour car(s) your parents/ carers drive.

In my planning next week, I will upload a page of squared paper to print out if you don't have any squared paper. However, if you don't have any squared paper, or are able to print the sheet off, feel free to pick some up between Wednesday and Friday from the school office yes.


Mr Dibden

Hello Year 6, hope you are all well and good. The weather should be picking up soon so that's a bonus. If you haven't already, check out the quiz I set for my 'bubble' during the week - I'd love to hear what you got. 

Also, please remember to click on the Crucial Crew link  - - these are great skills, not just for school but for life. 


This week:

In English, we will be writing a newspaper article based on the town in 'I Believe in Unicorns' being bombed.

In maths, we will work on reading scales. On Friday though there is a different lesson on Roman numerals because that seems to need a little bit of revision based on the Daily Calculations last week.

In topic, we continue WW2. This week is evacuation and propaganda posters. 


As always, feel free to email your work over, it's always lovely to know you're still keeping up with everything and working hard - don't be put off as I'm at school during the day, you're all one of my class if you're in the classroom or not smiley


Mr Dibden 



During the Summer term you should have been on your Crucial Crew visit. Please follow the link for your virtual trip!



Mr K's audition for Take That

Still image for this video
A little fun dance aerobics video for you to do if you want to. Enjoy Mr K



A fun project for you this week on descriptions which combines dictionary work and my favourite, physical phonics.  You can either use one that you have at home or consult the internet if needed. The aim is to extend your writing so you can write paragraphs.

If you would like your description to be displayed on the class page, send a photo of it to me via my work email: and I’ll select a few of them.

Amusez-vous bien!

Mme Pandit😊

Project no 2 c'est quel animal.mp4

Still image for this video

Hot off the press! I have just created a quiz for my class bubble. The top score from my class is 15 out of 18. Let me know how you get on :)

Race Around the World Stage 2

Kingswood update - hello, as you can imagine (and I believe an email went out recently) Kingswood is not happening crying. The office will be sending out a letter this week regarding reimbursement details and explaining in more detail smiley

Hello everyone, just thought I'd show you these pictures that Milly sent in of her Grandparent's ration book and letters from WW2. Read them if you have a moment - they are fascinating.

Good morning, hope you are all well and happy!


Here is the work for the week:

In maths, we bridge from converting fractions, decimals and percentages to converting metric measures which will help with reading scales next week.

In English, we are writing a diary entry. For comprehension, I have found a good text on VE day which fits the WW2 topic perfectly.

In topic, we are learning about rationing. Feel free to send in any pictures if you made the recipe from Tuesday's lesson - I'd love to see them.


Stay awesome and thank you for your kind comments,

Mr Dibden cool


Bonjour mes enfants! A little bit of revision on clothes this week.

There is a choice of two activities:

  1. If you enrolled onto High Five (free 3month access during lockdown)

Lesson 20 – La Boutique

or /and


- Help Madame Allirot find her party guests by answering these questions on clothes. If you get to the end, then you get to celebrate her birthday with her guests.

Amusez-vous bien!

        À la semaine prochaîne!

                          Mme Pandit

Hi Guys hope you are all well and that you had a good half term. I am missing the sunshine a bit at the moment as I am sure you are too. This week we are exercising and travelling around the world you can do as much or as little as you can and can repeat everyday until your new destinations come out. Stay safe and happy and I hope you enjoy this weeks work. Mr K

Race Around the World (More Countries to follow on Tuesday)

Hello, just to say that as well as emailing work, because we are back at school now you can also send work through the school letter box (near the car park gate) - once it has been in quarantine for 72hrs I'll be able to read it smiley

Week beginning 1st June



Hello everyone and welcome back! Lessons have gone back to being uploaded weekly but you can still choose and work at your own pace.We start the Second World War this half term so that will be the topic work on Monday and Tuesday. It is still French on Wednesday, Music on Thursday and PE on Friday.

In English we will start a new unit and text based on the short story 'I Believe in Unicorns' by Michael Morpurgo. 

In maths I have written a sequence on multiplying and dividing fractions since that was requested by many children. After that - in the weeks that follow - it will be converting measures, reading scales and then graphs and charts.

As you know, the differentiation in maths is usually quite clear but because I'm not sure what the printer situation is going to be and I can only show one slide on screen at a time I've tried it a little different this week. Obviously this first week will a bit of trial and error for me juggling between those at home and school so please bear with me for this and we'll see how it goes smiley.


Mr Dibden




This term I’d like to introduce you to a great French course for young learners: High Five French.  You can click on the link and watch the videos and practice the vocabulary.  If you would like to access more content, you can sign up for a free 3 month access over this period.

For this week I’d like you to do:

Lesson 8 - At the supermarket

(For those of you who would also like to learn some Spanish, they have almost equivalent ones in Spanish).


I just wanted to show you a few pieces of wonderful work that Year 6 have done recently - if you want to have some work shown, feel free to let me know when you send it. Also, well done Casper for reaching 1,000,000 words!



Last day of half term! For English we have a comprehension and for maths a selection of percentages questions. Ideally, you would work them out manually but if you wish, I see no reason why you can't use the method that we learnt yesterday on the calculator - it's what I would do in real life! There are one-step and two-step questions, both have a one, two and three star rating so you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. There's also a multiplication square to fill in for daily calculation.


Also, if you have tome, look at this video that some members of the class are in:


Have a great half term,

Mr Dibden 



Happy Thursday! For maths today my lesson is on finding percentages using a calculator. I have done this because percentages are something that you will need to use in your every day life - mortgages, finances, construction etc - and using a calculator is the easiest, most practical way rather than working it out by hand.

In English, we are writing our diary entry as Darwin.


Mr Dibden yes 



Hello Year 6.


In maths today, I have created a lesson on finding percentages using efficient ad-hoc methods. This should hopefully help find 25%, 50% and 75% of a number if you've found it a little tricky so far. I think that we'll continue percentages until half term and then move into fractions in June. I don't want to rush fractions since lots of people have asked to recap them. 


In English, we will work on adverbs because they provide a good cohesion when writing diary entries. There is a Powerpoint to read, adverb worksheet to complete, a quick quiz to see how much you've remembered. I've also added a types of adverb word mat to look through - you can add some of these words to your diary entry that we will write on Thursday. 

mercredi 20 mai 2020

As it is half term next week I am setting you a challenge put together by the British Council, which you can spend 2 weeks on.  If you have a brother or sister in year 3, 4 or 5, you must try and get different answers where possible. I miss our French lessons and hope to see you soon. Bonne chance! (Good luck). Madame Pandit😊



Morning, for today in maths we continue percentages. In English, we will work on pronouns as a diary is written in 1st person pronouns. First look through the Powerpoint and then choose a task from the pdf sheet. For topic, it is our last lesson on adaptation and inheritance so we will finish with a quick revision mat to see what you can remember (answers are included). 




Mr Dibden 



Good morning, hope you all had a great weekend.

For English, we will be beginning working on writing a diary entry. 

In maths, we will continue percentages (and probably go back to fractions at the end of the week since that has also been requested a lot).

For topic, you have a quiz to do. First, read the 'Topic Answers' Powerpoint until it tells you to stop (around slide 3). Then complete the questions using the 'Topic questions' pdf before checking your answers with the Powerpoint.


Have a good day! 


Mr Dibden 

Some more fantastic Darwin biographies



Hello. As it's Friday, English is a comprehension. For maths, we continue percentages.

Congratulations Milly on joining the Millionaire Club! Don't forget that you can take AR quizzes at home.


Have a great weekend!

Mr Dibden





Hello Year 6. For English today we will be editing out biography. For maths, we being percentages by finding 10% and 1% of a number. Music is the other lesson for today through Ms Masterson.


Also, some of you may be aware that last week Charlie did a marathon run with his brother to raise money, here is the link - they've raised over £1000 which is fantastic against their new target of £1150.


Have a great day,

Mr Dibden 



Good day everybody! Nice and simple today: in English, please finish off your biographies and in maths it is shading fractions. French will be by Mrs Pandit.


I look forward to reading your biographies - don't forget to remind your friends if they've forgotten to do it wink and also, if you have done a biography (or maths or topic piece) you are particularly proud of, I am more than happy to put it on the class page. 


One last thing - there is a film on Amazon Prime called Creation which is about Charles Darwin's life that you may be interested in. Thank you Milly for letting me know! 


Mr Dibden 

Freddie's great maths work

French Storytelling

Still image for this video
Salut tout le monde! Ça va? This week I have a storytelling task for you. Watch the video and listen to the story called ‘My Dog’. There are some comprehension questions a worksheet with some activities you may like to try. Bon courage!



Good evening (or morning/ afternoon depending on when you read this). 

For English, we are writing our biography on Darwin. This is your English work today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday).

In maths, some people have asked for fraction of a number so that is our work today.

In topic, the task is to create your own animal and label how it has adapted and evolved over time (think appearance, anatomy, diet, environment etc).


Mr Dibden



Hello Year 6, did you know that tomorrow was going to be the start of SATs week? I'm sure you were going to do great - truth be told, I'm a little disappointed you're not doing them as you were in such a good position.  

English - today we will be looking at the features of a biography and identifying them in other texts.

Topic - this will focus on researching an extinct animal and how they adapted to their environment and evolved to thrive but then unfortunately become extinct.

Maths- we have (except pie charts and certain works on angles as they involve a protractor) covered everything in Year 6! This means that I would like your feedback on where you would like to recap and revise areas. I have included an arithmetic paper (take 30 mins to complete this) for you to do so you can mark and let me know what areas you would like more work on. In the interest of fairness, I will provide work for the areas that are most popular. However, it doesn't have to be arithmetic, it could be reasoning as well  - it could be that want Testbase reasoning questions or investigations - let me know and I will provide! (If I don't get much feedback then percentages seem like the best revision).

Hi all hope everyone is well in your families and that life at home is fun and not too stressful. There are 3 challenges 2 are a bit more serious but you only need to do them if you want to or change them a bit to suit something that you would like to do. The last one I set for the younger years but I had a go and it is great fun. Do them as much or as little as you want to and do not worry about making it to the end I didn't. Take care and will hopefully see you soon when we all come back to school. Mr K

Mr K's Squat Challenge

Hi guys here is a squat challenge for you, it's quite hard so just do as long as you can. If you want to improve try to do it once a day all week to see if y...

Mr K's Plank Challenge

Here is another challenge for you to try its quite hard so do not worry if you do not get that far.

Mr K's Hungary Caterpillar Challenge

Here is a challenge for all the family just try to walk for as long as possible and have rests if you need them



Hello Year 6, it looks like a return to some nice weather for a few days. I bet some of you are growing quite wild hair at the moment - have any of you dared to have a lockdown haircut from your parents?


For maths we will finish with averages. I have attached a quick assessment for you to complete.

In English we will look at formal and informal language. I have attached a 'refresher' powerpoint in case you have forgotten the difference between the two. The task will be to look through the features pdf and then create a short poster/ leaflet comparing and contrasting the difference between formal and informal language.

Ms Masterson will be adding music work since it is Thursday.



Friday is a bank holiday so there will be no work - enjoy your weekend if I don't hear from you before.


Mr Dibden 



Hello everyone. Well done to everyone who has sent me your mystery story, they were great. It's really good to see so many still keeping up with the school work - well done smiley. Don't forget my class email is 

For maths today, the work is in the powerpoint and also on the sheet for everyone. If you would like some hot/ extra hot challenges then I have included those as well.

In English we have the joys of passive voice.


Mr Dibden 



French Fitness

Still image for this video
Start your day with this fun routine or use it as part of your fitness routine whilst learning some very useful imperatives! Amusez-vous bien! (If you have time, let me know what you thought of it via my work email:

Mindfulness (à la française).

Still image for this video
If you prefer to take it much easier today, then you can opt for this mindfulness video. Why not do both?



Good evening Year 6, for English we are developing some of the notes we took yesterday. For maths the work continues on statistics with the median. Topic is also attached. 


Have a great day!



Hello Year 6, hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for all your emails and mystery stories - they were great!


In English we're going to start work on a biography. Today we will gather information. 

In topic we will continue adaptation and evolution.

In maths we will start some work on statistics. Today it is finding the mean (average number in a set of data). The powerpoints slides are in part 1 and 2 - I had to split it because the file was too large to send in one go. 


Enjoy! smiley

Mr K´s Cha Cha Slide

Hi Guys hope you are all well and that you have had a good week. Here is a fun activity for you and your family if they want to and have the time to have a try. I have put it on all of the years class pages but don't worry if you cannot do much or any of the activity. If you really enjoy it do it 2 or 3 times a day until next Friday when i will set you another challenge. Have a great week and i hope the song does not annoy you too much parents. Mr K



Hello again Year 6. For today in English we have a comprehension task as it is Friday and also on Monday we will be starting a new unit. For maths, there is work on factors, prime factors and prime numbers. For daily calculations I have attached the multiplication sheet - see if you've improved your time or score! 


Thank you to everyone who has sent me their English work so far, I will read through and get back to you by Monday. 


Have a great weekend,


Mr Dibden  



Good morning/ day/ evening Year 6.


In English, I would like you to carry on with the mystery story that you started yesterday. 

In maths, the work is prime numbers. I have included a mild task (mystery investigation), medium task (challenge cards) and a hot task (activity pack) for you to choose. Tomorrow, we will work on prime factors so if you're not sure on factors and want a head start then it may be a good idea to refresh your memory 


Thank you to all those who have emailed and given me an update, it is really good to see what you have all been up to.


Mr Dibden




Hello everyone. Well done Charlie for your challenge over the weekend - bet you slept well that night!


Your work for this fine Wednesday is: English, where you will write your mystery story, and maths, where you will be working on BODMAS. We have learnt this briefly during daily calculations but now is the perfect time to consolidate it.


Have a great day,

Mr Dibden

French Cartoon charachters

Still image for this video
Have fun learning how to apply the French that you know, to create your own cartoon charachter.

Norfolk School Games Virtual Challenges (only if you can and want to do them) Mr K



Good evening, 


In English, we are going to write a short piece of text building tension and suspense. For maths it is properties of 3D shapes (questions 1-5 are mild, 6-10 medium and 11-15 hot). For topic we are looking at the evidence for evolution.


Have a great day!


Mr Dibden smiley



Good evening, hope you had a great weekend. I found an old book on types of butterflies and went out with Clara finding some  - there's lots of peacock, orange tip, cabbage and tortoise shell butterflies about at this time of year, and also the dragonflies are beginning to emerge.

For English, we are studying and editing imagery from the original text.

For maths, it is properties of 2D shapes. Questions 1-5 are mild, 6-10 medium and 11-15 hot. Answers are included.

For topic, work it researching the different theories of evolution over time and comparing them.


Thank you for all the updates,


Mr Dibden 

Friday 24th - Some PE for you guys. Have fun Mr K

Friday 24th April 2020


Thank you to everyone who has emailed me - it is really good to see people keeping up with work (plus the name suggestions). 


For today's work, English is creating a setting for your story. Could you please write a piece of description to describe the building and its significance (look at the start of the Curse of Cogston House story for ideas). 


For maths, I have sourced 20 questions for you relating to what we have been learning this week. Questions 1-5 are extra hot, 6-10 hot, 11-15 medium and 16-20 mild. I have also attached the answers to them.

In lieu of a daily calculations, I have attached a multiplication grid to fill in to stay sharp at multiplication. (If you are not able to print the grid out then it's fine to write the answers on paper, just remember to do it in the order on the grid). I wonder what times you get or who gets them all right?

Mr Keating is adding a P.E. lesson as well.


Have a great weekend in the *hopefully* sunshine, 


Mr Dibden 



Good evening, I hope all is well with you (I wonder how many of you are keeping up to date with the work). For maths, this lesson is partly consolidating the previous work on types of angles (supplementary, vertically opposite and around a point) whilst introducing exterior angles so all the questions are on the Powerpoint slides. In English we are going to jump ahead and begin to plan our mystery story.




Mr Dibden 


P.S. thank you Taliesin for the name suggestion 

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Hello again, please find attached the work for Wednesday below. Mrs Pandit should be adding French work as well. The work for today in English involves some writing; if you've put a lot of effort into it then please email it over via my class address, I'd love to read it. 


Also, thank you Oscar for the name suggestion - those cakes look delicious!

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Hello again Year 6. I write this as I hold a wriggling baby Edith so apologies for any spelling mistakes (if anyone has any middle name suggestions then I'm all ears). Please find attached below the work for Tuesday.


Work hard, be nice and remember - this is just a phase.


M Dibden (&Edith)

Monday 20th April 2020


Hello Year 6! I hope you have had a good Easter holiday and enjoyed yourself (I also hope that you read lots and played Times Tables Rock Stars).

The overall theme for this half-term is Great Britons but before we start that I would like us to work on the unit of inheritance and evolution as it is an important unit that we need to cover. In English over the following weeks we will be building up to writing a mystery story and in maths it is geometry (or as much geometry as we can do without a protractor and compass).

Every day I will upload our English and maths lesson plus one 'other'. This Monday and Tuesday will be topic based on inheritance and evolution. 

I believe that there will be an email explaining what we are doing this half-term that should answer any questions.


Miss you all - yes even you, you know who you are smiley


Mr Dibden 


a) Colours and clothes / Powerpoint / spot the mistakes

b) Clothes and colours / Powerpoint / REcap of clothes, recap of colours, colour agreements and practice and worksheet

c) Millionaire / Powerpoint / game to practise adjectival agreements with clothes

Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das