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Wishing you all a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday 6th September 2021
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Year 5

Year 5 Trip to Eaton Vale, 13.7.21

Sports Day 2021

Here's everything we're going to be learning about this half term!

Get Reading!

Summer 1 - the curriculum map for this half-term is below with the objectives we will be covering. Any questions, please ask.

Welcome back to those of you who have been at home so far this term. We are really excited to see you in class again and to be teaching you face-to-face. A massive 'well done' for your application to home learning and well done to your mums and dads too. 

Below is the curriculum map for the rest of this term. We have already discussed a lot of what we will be doing. Our topic is Grand Designs - please start collecting pictures of impressive buildings, particularly those in the U.K. and Spain.

FRENCH 3/3/2021

To celebrate World Book Day I would like you to choose one of your favourite books and book characters and write about them using language we have already covered. If you would like to add extra information you can use a bilingual dictionary or google translate (with caution). I have provided you with some examples to look at and sentence structures to help you. I would love to use some of them for a display when you return to school next week so please bring them with you on 10th March. Amusez-vous bien! A la semaine prochaîne! Mme P yes

FRENCH 24/02/2021

Salut! I hope you all had a lovely half-term break. I'm going to spend the next two weeks setting revision and independent learning tasks until we are all back for French in the classroom on 10th March. This will give you an opportunity to make sure you are ready to then start learning new language. The pdf and instructions sheet is uploaded to FILES. Any problems, please get in touch. A bientôt! Mme P smiley


French Revision- Home learning pdf– click on any of the following topics to revise them 

  • Stage 1: Greetings, Numbers, Colours, Months , Pets 

  • Stage 2: Days, Family, Body 

  • Stage 3: Face 

French Grammar – ‘a’ (indefinite article)/ ‘the (definite article)


FRENCH 10/02/2021

This week I thought it would be nice to cover pancake day in French. You will learn about the ingredients used, take a look at a recipe and watch two French children making them. I also have a lovely song I've managed to find on 'la chandeleur' (pancake day) which you can have fun singing along to. Finally let's find out what you like on your pancakes! Enjoy the rest of your week and have a fun-filled half-term break. Salut! wink

Cooking In French - Les crêpes.mp4

Still image for this video

la chandeleur.mp4

Still image for this video

FRENCH 3/2/2021

Bonjour tous et toutes! I've uploaded 2 versions of the powerpoint on TEAMS for this week: the normal format with sound and a mp4 version if you can't get the sound to work on the normal powerpoint. Only the normal powerpoint format would load here on the class page.

This is part 1 of the topic of Shopping. Try and learn the vocabulary as you go along. We are practising listening and speaking only this week but will be doing some reading and writing work next week. Bonne semaine! Mme Pandit smiley

RE Thursday 21st January

FRENCH 20/01/2021

Bonjour! Let's continue practising big numbers and learn how to use them when going shopping. Practise the role plays in the powerpoint and hopefully you will be able to put the conversation to good use if you go to a French-speaking country in the future.

FRENCH 13/01/2021

Bonjour tous et toutes! I hope you have been able to get onto the website I recommended last week to practise you numbers in French as this week we will be looking at French currency and prices. Work your way through the attached powerpoint and complete the speaking and writing activity created for you. Any problems, get in touch.


Hello Year 5,


I wanted to make sure that you knew exactly where to find today's instructions.  They are in Notes again but you need to click a bit to find the right ones.  When you first click on the Notes tab, you will see something like in the picture below.  Click on the 'books on a shelf' icon that I've circled in yellow in the picture.


Then you'll see something like this.  Click on the Note starting  'Hello and welcome to a ...', and you'll find the instructions for today's work.


Good morning everybody, it's Monday so it must be Ms Mears!  (And it is.)


It turns out that the other classes in the school are using Teams for all their work and communicating, so Mrs Prior and I thought we should do it that way too.


So for today's work, go to Teams/Year 5/Home Learning.  The first thing you need to look at is the Notes tab - that's where I explain what we're doing today.  You will find the work for today in either the Files or Videos tab. 



Please send me an e-mail or message on Teams if you want me to explain a bit more - it's new, so don't worry if you're confused.


See you at 10.30. 


Morning and I hope everyone is ok. Lots on here but remember it doesn't all have to be completed today. Both RE and PSHE are here but from next week, I'll post one on Thursday and one on Friday.

English is a comprehension with some punctuation work at the end. I have recorded the text if you want to listen to me reading it but feel free to read it to yourself. You'll find the video on Year 5 Teams/ Home Learning (under general) and then Home Learning in the top tab. Well done to the 15 of you who have already looked at Ms Mears lovely handwriting video! You'll also find an end of week quiz with the videos which should only be attempted when you've completed all the work.

Before we meet today, please have Daily Calculations (under yesterday's PowerPoint) and the comprehension questions completed so that we can go through them together. If there's time at the meeting, I'd also like to have a chat about the PSHE. Remember to have a pen/pencil and paper. Mrs P

Comprehension 08.01.21

Mrs Prior's Spelling Group - Here are the extra spellings if you would like to do them. The dictation/test will be in a video next Friday. They all have the -aw- sound.













Hello lovely Year 5. I'm so sorry that I haven't had the opportunity to meet with you in class, even for a day, but we've done this before and I'm sure you will impress us all again. Ms Mears tells me you did well today and I look forward to seeing you at 10.30 for our meeting. Please have you Daily Calculations and maths done as we will discuss them.

The maths PowerPoint slides have an audio button on the right. Click on it and I hope you'll hear me talking through the work. I'd planned this lesson before lockdown so it made sense to go with it. You won't be able to use this function with the PDF version - sorry!

We will discuss other events that will happen on my days when me see one another. Mrs P

We have just tried this in the classroom and everyone agrees that you will like it!

FRENCH 6/1/2021

Bonne Année!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you are ready to learn lots of French this half term.

Before we start our next topic , it is important that we know our numbers so please use the powerpoint to help you recap them before completing online activities to help you practise them.

07 Track 7.wma

Hello everybody smiley


I will see a few of you in school today but most of you will be doing your work at home.


As usual, there are Daily Calculations and a Maths activity.  Today's English activity is a short one, so I've posted a quick Reading activity too.  We'll go over the Reading in our meeting at 10.30am (please be patient as the children in school will be coming in from the playground and we may start a few minutes late).  If you can't join the meeting, then you can check the answers yourself using the document here.


The extract is part of the page from 'Northern Lights' that most of you read in class on Monday.  Do you remember that it mentions the sound that the zeppelin made when it rose into the sky?  There's a clip here for you to watch which shows a zeppelin taking off, and I think that the sound matches what the author describes.



"Graf Zeppelin" (1932)

The clip shows a zeppelin airship visiting England.

Mrs Lawrence will be taking the children in school for an Art activity in the afternoon.  You can join in by clicking on the activity in the link below.
P.E. have a go at the activity from Mrs Lawrence. Remember - exercise keeps your body and mind healthy.

French Musical Christmas Advent Calendar

Forest School 09.12.20

Maths - Monday 7th December
Spelling - please be ready for a spelling lesson at 10.30.  See you then!

From tomorrow we will start something new in English.  


I would like to show you the film in the YouTube link below.  I haven't put it here for you to watch - I'd like you to wait until we are all together in school before you do.  But I would like your parents to check that it's not too scary and that they are okay with you watching it.  Please tell them to e-mail me if they think it is unsuitable for you, or if they would rather watch it with you at home.

A Christmas Carol



Good morning

A fairly normal day today. The maths is straightforward I think. Please try to have your Daily Calculations finished before we meet.

Reading comprehension, there is a choice - a text about the Apollo 13 mission or a diary/story. As with last week, each comprehension has three different levels depending on the challenge you would like. Look for the stars at the end of the pages 1 is easier,  3 is the hardest.

RE was set last week and I've enjoyed reading your work and finding out about Christmas traditions in Mexico, The Bahamas, Canada and Botswana to mention just a few. I've put the PowerPoint here again, in case you haven't looked at it yet.

See you at 10.30 - please remember a pen or pencil for handwriting and I hope the learning of your lines is going well. We may have time to hear some if you're ready.

Mrs P

Here is the Christmas poem I talked about. Please learn your bit so we can put it all together next week. Just a reminder that those of you reading the information about St Nicholas and the poem, don't need to learn it unless you would like to.

Hello again

I hope everyone is safe and well and not going too stir crazy. I've enjoyed looking at your work and reading your messages and know that you have done everyone proud with your effort and achievement.

Today, please have your Daily Calculations ready for our meeting so we can mark them together. I then want to go through the PSHE with you but don't worry about looking at it before we meet. We'll also have a chat about the Christmas item we are going to record when we're all  back in school.

Mrs Lawrence has provided another ' at home'  PE activity. Lots to do!! Look forward to seeing you later. Mrs P

Maths for Wednesday 2nd December

Forest School-Wednesday 2nd December


Hi Year 5,

We're missing you all at Forest School and looking forward to having you back next Wednesday!

We have just purchased some new tarpaulins to use for den building and It would be great if you could have a go at tying some knots in preparation for next session. I've put some links to tutorials below. You can use string, ribbon, rope or anything else you can find! They are quite tricky so start with the clove hitch and have a go at the others too if you're feeling confident. Maybe you could even build a den in your garden or in your bedroom!

Enjoy the rest of your week at home-see you soon!


Mrs Farrow



The clove hitch


The sheet bend-this is used to tie two ropes together


Square lashing-this can be used to make frames and lots of bushcraft items


Good news! - Ms Mears is a hero!

Have a good look at this photo - we will be using it to talk about e-Safety in our 10.30 meeting today.

English - use the document here to help you research and plan your biography.  I'm looking forward to finding out who you've chosen!


Good morning Year 5!


Maths - Perimeter and Area


New topic for the next 2 weeks and the last before the end of term. Some skills we did during lockdown and some concepts are new. Links to lessons are with Daily Calculations and then there is a worksheet each day, along with answers. Any problems, just send me a message. See you Thursday. Mrs P

English - this is the week you write your biography of Stephen or Marie.


You will also start putting together the pieces for a biography about a person of your choice.  Have a think about who that could be.  It needs to be someone who fits the structure we have learned: early life, path to achievement including obstacles overcome, contribution to the world (not just success), end of life and death.  It needs to be someone you can find out about using reliable sources on the internet - so they have to be well-known.


Send me an e-mail or a chat message if you want some suggestions!


In today's online meeting there will be a spelling lesson.  We're going to do the difference between its and it's.


I'm also posting this week's Science.


And for Reading, scroll down this page to find the Winter Reading Challenge.


See you at 10.30am! cool



Good morning again and hope you're all ready for the last day of this different week. I've been impressed with your effort, so keep it up.

Today, please do maths first so that it's done for our meeting. There are links to videos with Daily Calculations if you are stuck on the special numbers work.

There's a biography comprehension about Dorothy 'Dottie' Metcalf-Lindenburger'. I'd never heard of her but she's quite interesting and linked to space. There are three levels of text and questions, with answers provided (no peeking). At the end of the pages there are stars:

one star = mild, two stars = medium, 3 stars = hot.

I hope you have all been reading your books too.

R.E. is all about Christmas in Sweden and there is an activity for you to do over this week and next. Please bring what you have done to school once we're back.

Ms Masterson has sent a message to say that there is a music activity for you on Charanga - you'll find it in assignments.

That's it for now and see you at 10.30a.m.

Mrs P

Here's the English everyone.  Mrs Prior and I have been very impressed with how positive and patient you have been in the meetings.  It's also been really nice to see your work.  Next week you're going to put together all the pieces of your biography, and start planning for one of your own.  Today's work is the last 'piece' of your biography about Stephen or Marie.

Lovely to see and hear you. As promised, here are the answers for the maths from yesterday and today. Please remember to try and have the maths done tomorrow by the time we meet and be ready to discuss the answers to the PSHE. If you want to do your poem we would love to hear it.

See you tomorrow - Mrs P

Good morning and here's hoping for a good Thursday.


The work for the day is posted below and it's a fairly normal Thursday, the only difference being there's PSHE today instead of tomorrow. I thought it would give you more time as Friday afternoon is always such a rush. The lesson is on bullying, following on from what we have discussed over the last couple of weeks. There's a PE lesson from Mrs Lawrence which looks like fun - please get permission before you start the activity!!

The maths video lesson link is with the Daily Calculation presentation.

I hope that you have found our meeting at 10.30am on the calendar - it's my first time setting up a meeting for everyone on Teams so perhaps you could send me an emoji on the chat to let me know that you've found it and seen the work for today


Please try and have your Daily Calculations done and ready to mark for when we meet and have a pen/pencil and paper so that we can do some handwriting together. If there's time, we'll go through the maths too.


Look forward to seeing you later.

Mrs P

Good morning and I hope you are all keeping well. Here is the maths for today - multiplying and dividing by 10,100, and 1000. There are 3 levels (one star = mild, 2 stars= medium, 3 stars = hot) and the answers are there too. You should be able to type into the document.You may want to draw yourself a place value grid to help. Also do a session of Times Table Rock Stars.I'll see you tomorrow. Mrs P

Hello Year 5, here's the English for today.  Mrs Prior will post some Maths soon.


Don't forget to send me the password I asked for in the Year 5 Chat!

Good morning Year 5!


Firstly, I hope you are all safe and well at home.  We'll see each other again on Monday 7th December, but until then Mrs Prior and I will be teaching you online.  


Everyday we will post some work for you to do and it will be the same that you would normally do in school for that day.  So today we'll do Maths, English and Computing.  We will also have a short online meeting every day so that we can have some live interaction with each other.  Today's (yes, that's an apostrophe for possessionwink) meeting is at 10.30am and I will invite you all to join in on Teams - I hope you can make it!


We would love to see your work, so I hope you will take a photo and send to us by e-mail, or upload documents on Teams.


We will continue to use the class e-mail as well as Teams to keep in touch.  


See you soon.

Ms Mears

Curriculum Map - Autumn 2: Let There Be Light

Click on the documents below to choose homework activities for the half term. You can choose any one or more of the activities. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do! Ms Mears

Dear Parents

It was lovely to see you all over the last week.

I have realised that I was meant to ask each of you about your child's access to a computer should we have to lockdown again.

We now have plans in place to provide more blended learning, some recorded lessons and some paper based, but your child will need to be able to use a computer, tablet or phone to engage with our provision. With this in mind, if this is not possible, please send us an email via the class email ( and we will work on finding a solution.


Wishing you all a safe and happy half-term holiday.

Mrs Prior

Here is some of our beautiful Anglo-Saxons-inspired art - illuminated letters based on the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Hello all

The class are really settling back very well and I would like to thank them for their co-operation today. None of us like wet play days (thankfully it is unusual for us to be in all day) but they understood and got on very nicely with activities over lunchtime.

We are working towards putting homework on Teams but are not quite there yet so the homework for this week is below.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope you manage to stay dry.

Mrs P

Hello Year 5 People!


Here are some photos of some work the children did last week.  The children were learning about the Sutton Hoo treasure and they looked really closely at the designs on the helmet, the shield, the shoulder clasps and the purse lid.  They drew them in pencil first and then tried to transfer them on to 'metal' - i.e. tin foil!  They used a cocktail stick to make their designs.

These are the pictures we used

Hello to you all and well done for this week - you continue to be superstars. Hopefully you remembered to tell your parents' that they needed to check here for information. Below is a welcome back letter, homework letter,timetable and curriculum map for this half-term.

Have a good weekend and see you next week.

Ms Mears and Mrs Prior

Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das