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Welcome back to the Autumn Term at School - we are delighted to see our pupils back in the classrooms
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Year 5

Have a wonderful summer! :) 


Hi Everyone, 


I'm sad that I haven't had the opportunity to see you all before the summer holidays. However, I hope you have had a successful summer term at home. Parents and children, I hope you have a well-earned break over the summer holidays and enjoy the sunny (hopefully) weather. Thank you for a lovely year and thank you parents for stepping into my shoes these last few weeks. It has been great getting to know you all again this year and I wish you all the best for Year Six. I hope to give you all a big wave in September - top of the school now! How has that happened so quickly?!


Take care of yourselves and each other. 


See you soon,

Miss Light :) 

P.S - Some activities below if you'd like some ideas for the summer. Keep reading lots and practising your times tables on Rockstars! Have lots of fun :) 

Hi Guys


Just a quick note to say I hope you are all well, I hope you all have a lovely summer holidays and I cannot wait until next year to get back to teaching you. I have really missed our lessons and am looking forward to September a lot. Look after yourselves, your friends and families over the summer and I will see you in September. 


Mr K

Hello Good bye year 5,

I am sad we have not been singing and making music together over the last few weeks, but I hope you have a lovely summer break. Keep singing and listening to any music and I look forward to working with you in September.

Ms Masterson

Race Around the World Final Stage

W/B 13.7.20




I can't believe it is our seventh week since half term - our last full week. I hope you are all okay and have had a lovely weekend! This week, I have set some end of year Maths quizzes (treat them as practise questions if you wish). There are three papers; you can choose which ones you'd like to do. I have also set some end of year PSHE work for Monday and Tuesday afternoons to reflect on your short time in Year Five. As we were supposed to be in Hautbois Wednesday - Friday, I have put together some outdoor activities for you to do instead of English and Maths. However, if you wish to do some English and Maths, please email. 


Have a great (hopefully sunny) week.


Take care,

Miss Light :) 




Race Around the World Stage 5


Well, we’re here, our final week of French for this school year.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the lessons in class and the activities posted on here. This week I am setting you a French art task. Go through the attached powerpoint and have a go at creating your own original take on the Eiffel Tower. Bring your creations into school in September so I can frame some of them and put your works of art up on the main French display board.

Have a fabulous summer, stay safe and looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Au revoir et bonnes vacances!

Mme Pandit😊

W/B 6.7.20

Hello my lovely lot, 


I hope you are all well and enjoying time spent with your family. We are drawing towards the end of the summer term, so this week, I have created Maths questions to revise our learning this year. They include the majority of the topics we have looked at and will support your problem solving skills too. After reading a couple of Rudyard Kipling's stories, we will be writing our own this week. For topic, we are going to focus on dinosaurs and creating our own dinosaur. Additionally, you will have French, P.E and Music. 


Have a wonderful week. Missing all your faces! 


Take care,

Miss Light :) 

Race Around the World Stage 4


Bonjour les enfants!

A bit of French Art this week.

Work your way through the powerpoint and learn the names of some rooms in the house. Discover the world of Monet and see how much you can remember at the end of the lesson. There is a link for you to enjoy playing some games to practice the vocabulary and a song for you to listen to.

Next week I’ll post an activity to see how much you can remember.

Amusez-vous bien!

Mme Pandit😊

W/B 29.6.20

Happy Monday! :) 


This week we will be continuing to look at fractions, percentages and decimals in Maths. In English, we will explore another text by Rudyard Kipling called 'How the Camel got his Hump'. We will be comparing it with the text from last week and using it to write our own similar story. In Topic, we are continuing to look into animals and we will focus on classification and life cycles. French, Music and P.E will be on as usual. 


I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for your continued efforts. 


Take care,

Miss Light :) 


Bonjour les enfants!

You have a choice of two activities:

  1. A challenge activity like last week:  

While you are doing this one, make a note of new vocabulary along the way and see if you can learn it, or

2. A challenge which uses Latin words.  You have a latin dictionary available for reference, but if you look closely at some of the words you can find clues from similar English words:

Amusez-vous bien!


    Mme Pandit😊

Throwing Challenge

Still image for this video

Catching Challenge

Still image for this video

Triple Jump Challenge

Still image for this video
Day 3's Challenge. If you cannot manage the hop step jump you can do 3 jumps instead. Mr K


Bonjour les enfants!

A fun challenge for you this week: You are attending a fashion show in Paris but you got stuck in the changing room just before the show! You need to get out! Complete all the challenges to find the 4-digit code to unlock the safe and find the key to the lock.

While you are doing each activity, make a note of new vocabulary along the way and see if you can learn it. (We will be doing the topic of Clothes in year 6, so the more you pick up now, the easier it will be for you).

Amusez-vous bien!

Mme Pandit😊

Egg and Spoon Challenge

Still image for this video
Tuesday's Challenge hope you are all well. Enjoy Mr K.

Speed Bounce Challenge

Still image for this video
Day one of our challenges remember to send in a video if you want to ( Will work on my videoing skills as the week goes on ) . Have a great week. Mr K

W/B 22.6.20

Good Morning Everyone! :) 


I hope you have a great week and enjoy the very sunny weather that we should be getting! Your Maths is split into two power points this week as it was too big to upload (too much Maths work I think, haha)! Have fun. 


Take care :) 

Flip Flop Challenge

Still image for this video
Hi guys hope you are all well. Have set this up for you and there will be a challenge on each day next week for national sports week. If you can and want to take some videos of the challenges and send them in to me at school as it would be lovely to see all your happy smiley faces. Mums and dads feel free to have a go too for some family fun. Take care all of you am missing each and every one of you and will hopefully see you soon. Mr K .

Race Around the World Stage 3


I hope you all have a fabulous week! Hopefully there will be more sunshine than last week and you can enjoy the outside. :) 

Mr K's Take That audition

Still image for this video
A little fun dance aerobics video for you to do if you want to. Enjoy Mr K



A fun project for you this week on descriptions which combines dictionary work and my favourite, physical phonics.  Usually we would use the bilingual dictionaries in school but you will have to either use one that you have at home or consult the internet if needed.

If you would like your description to be displayed on the class page, send a photo of it to me via my work email: and I’ll select a few of them.

Amusez-vous bien!

Mme Pandit😊


project no 2 un sandwich surprise.mp4

Still image for this video

Race Around the World Stage 2


Hi Lovelies, 


Another week ahead! I hope you've all had a wonderful week and are ready for another week of learning. I've added the Power Points as PDFs too as I know some people struggled to open it last week, so that is why there are two of the same! Please don't hesitate in emailing me if you need me or have any questions. 


Have fun! :) 

Bonjour mes enfants!

We are going to start the topic of clothes.  See how you get on learning the nouns using the powerpoint attached.

If you have signed up to HighFive (don’t forget you can sign up for a free 3 month access over this period) then please carry on using it. You can supplement the work covered this week by watching:

( Lesson 20 – La boutique)

À la semaine prochaîne!

Mme Pandit

Hi Guys hope you are all well and that you had a good half term. I am missing the sunshine a bit at the moment as I am sure you are too. This week we are exercising and travelling around the world you can do as much or as little as you can and can repeat everyday until your new destinations come out. Stay safe and happy and I hope you enjoy this weeks work. Mr K

Race Around the World (more destinations on Tuesday)

Summer Term 2 - 1.6.20

Hi everyone, 


I hope you are all okay and had an enjoyable break. I would love to hear all about your adventures.


Below is the outline for the week, as well as the work set for this week. Please read the outline first as it explains how we will be setting work this half term. 


If you wish to send any work via the class email or through the school letter box (near car park gate), please feel free to. 


Thank you for your continued support! :) 



Bonjour! This term I’d like to introduce you to a great French course for young learners: High Five French.  You can click on the link and watch the videos and practice the vocabulary.  If you would like to access more content, you can sign up for a free 3 month access over this period.

For this week I’d like you to do a revision lesson:

( Lesson 13 - Où habites-tu? )

(For those of you who would also like to learn some Spanish, they have a series of Spanish lessons too.).





mercredi 20 mai 2020

As it is half term next week I am setting you a challenge put together by the British Council, which you can spend 2 weeks on.  If you have a brother or sister in year 3, 4 or 6, you must try and get different answers where possible. I miss our French lessons and hope to see you soon. Bonne chance! (Good luck). Madame Pandit😊






French Storytelling

Still image for this video
Salut! Ça va? This week I have a storytelling task for you. Listen to the story called ‘Je m’appelle Billy – All about me’. There are different worksheets for you to try out afterwards; choose 1 or all. Bon courage!



Happy Monday! I've attached the outline for the week (spellings within) and then the work for today. I've also found some 'Twinkl' stories just in case anyone fancies reading them if they're running out of books/fancy a change etc! Only one is wanting to load (my technology skills are not as fabulous as yours), so if you would like me to send them via email to you, email the class address and we can hope it works. Mr K's challenges look like lots of fun too. Hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday. Take care and keep smiling :) 

Hi all hope everyone is well in your families and that life at home is fun and not too stressful. There are 3 challenges 2 are a bit more serious but you only need to do them if you want to or change them a bit to suit something that you would like to do. The last one I set for the younger years but I had a go and it is great fun. Do them as much or as little as you want to and do not worry about making it to the end I didn't. Take care and will hopefully see you soon when we all come back to school. Mr K

Mr K's Squat Challenge

Hi guys here is a squat challenge for you, it's quite hard so just do as long as you can. If you want to improve try to do it once a day all week to see if y...

Mr K's Plank Challenge

Here is another challenge for you to try its quite hard so do not worry if you do not get that far.

Mr K's Hungary Caterpillar Challenge

Here is a challenge for all the family just try to walk for as long as possible and have rests if you need them


Good Morning to you all, 


Just a reminder that today is the last 'school' day of this week. I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend! :) 



Fun French Fitness

Still image for this video
Many pupils will have fond memories of doing this with Miss Light in the Autumn Term, so if it is familiar, you'll become experts. If not have a go and see how you get on with it. If you get time, let me know what you thought via my work email: Amusez-vous bien! Enjoy!

French Mindfulness video

Still image for this video
Here's one to calm things down afterwards or when you feel in need of a bit of relaxation.




Hope you're all well and had a go at Mr K's 'Cha Cha Slide' - looks great Mr K! :) I've attached the outline for the week ahead and then the bits and bobs for today. I've loved hearing from you - thank you for emailing with photos and messages! :) 

Mr K´s Cha Cha Slide

Hi Guys hope you are all well and that you have had a good week. Here is a fun activity for you and your family if they want to and have the time to have a try. I have put it on all of the years class pages but don't worry if you cannot do much or any of the activity. If you really enjoy it do it 2 or 3 times a day until next Friday when i will set you another challenge. Have a great week and i hope the song does not annoy you too much parents. Mr K


Happy 'May'! :) 


Norfolk School Games Virtual Challenges (only if you can and want to do them) Mr K

French Sequence Poem

Still image for this video
An opportunity to practise and extend your phonics work, which will ehance your French pronunciation.






Below is an outline for the week and the activities for today! Hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and are happy and healthy! :) 


Happy Fri-YAY! Have a lovely day in the sun.  :) 


Friday 24th - Some PE for you guys have fun. Mr K



I've added an 'activities pack', which Mrs Farrow found, just in case you wanted to magpie any ideas from there for your weekend activities! :) 


Have a fabulous day! :) There should be some French from Mrs Pandit today too. 


Hi all,


Below is the Maths, English and Design and Technology for today (or whenever you'd like to do it)! I hope you have lots of fun and I look forward to seeing some photos of the Globe Theatre. I'm in school today so I will reply to any emails as soon as I have a free moment.


Keep smiling and be safe,

Miss Light 


Hello Year Five! 


I've attached an 'Outline' document which has a little message for you all, will tell you all about plans for the week and anything that has changed over the Easter holidays (you should receive an email from the office soon also). It has been decided that work will be put on daily, so today (Sunday) I will put the work on for Monday and then so on throughout the week. 


Look forward to hearing from you soon, 

Miss Light :) 

Monday 20th April 

Some other bits and bobs that could be fun :)

Week Two - 30.3.20

Hi all, 


Hope you've had a fun week learning and have enjoyed the sunshine. Have a read of the outline for this week and then find the activities you need underneath. Thank you for continuing to put your all into the teaching/learning. 


Take care :) 

Week One - 23.3.20

Welcome to our home learning page! 


I will be uploading all activities for the week on here and also uploading a 'weekly outline' document. Please read this first and find the relevant activities when you need them. You will all be fantastic! :) 

Calculation Policy

Extra Free Resources


Year 5:

Pupils can have a go at the various activities available on the topic: Places in Town.


Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das