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Welcome back to the Autumn Term at School - we are delighted to see our pupils back in the classrooms
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Year 4

Hello Year 4 (the last time we'll be calling you that)

Just a quick message to wish you all a happy and healthy summer holiday. Don't forget to keep your brain and body exercised over the next few weeks. You might like to sign up for the summer reading challenge - - the title this year is Silly Squad.

Look forward to seeing you all back  in Year 5 in September.

Mrs P

Hello Year 4 smiley


It's the last day! We can't be in school to celebrate together but I have put some quizzes here for you to do if you think that would be fun.


I will also be posting some ideas for work to do in the summer holiday.  For today, I'm just going to let you know that you can log on to PurpleMash and search 'Daily Learning' to find quick activities, including a chapter of a space adventure story every day.


And don't forget, no work that you do is ever wasted - especially reading, so try your absolute best to keep it up.


Have a wonderful time until we see each other in September.


Ms Mears 

Have a go at this countries quiz - no need to print (there are some islands in it).

And most importantly! - here's a Graduation Certificate for you to award yourself. And make sure to colour in five stars!

Hi Guys


Just a quick note to say I hope you are all well, I hope you all have a lovely summer holidays and I cannot wait until next year to get back to teaching you. I have really missed our lessons and am looking forward to September a lot. Look after yourselves, your friends and families over the summer and I will see you in September. 


Mr K

Hello Good bye year 4,

I am sad we have not been singing, making music and playing the ukuleles together over the last few weeks, but I hope you have a lovely summer break. Keep singing and listening to any music and I look forward to working with you in September.

Ms Masterson

Race Around the World Final Stage

Hello Year 4. Below is some fascinating information sent through from NM about Easter Island and their statues. Apologies for not putting it on sooner! Mrs P

Well Year 4 - you've nearly made it!  I hope you are all still doing well and looking forward to the holiday.  Have you seen that Mr Dibden made a video of me saying hello to you? - it's not the same as meeting in person but at least I won't be completely unexpected when we meet in September!  I hope you find something interesting / fun / challenging in the work I've set this week.  And if you haven't sent me any of your work yet, now's the time!

Ms Mears smiley


Maths: Click on the document below for the whole week's work.

This week's English is a mixture of information and fiction. Click below for Monday's activity.

Tuesday: Find out about the downside of gulls! Use the leaflet to make two lists: first, ways that urban gulls are a nuisance, and second, ways that people try to deal with the nuisance. Check the answers document to see if you found them all.

Wednesday Activity: Write a seagull shape poem. Open the Seagull Poem document for ideas.

English Thursday: Click the link to read and watch a video about a different kind of seagull.  Then your task is to write a story about this gull and a real gull meeting and spending a day together.  It can be sad, funny, adventurous - anything you like.  I'd love to read them.

Friday: Look at this cheeky chap!

This lady spent $21 on this roll!
Friday task: Draw and label a picture of a seagull sandwich.  Or you can write it as a recipe.   (It can be delicious or disgusting - your choice!)

Giant Seagull Sandwich



So,this is our last French lesson this school year.

I found an amazing virtual classroom powerpoint which I’d like to share with you this week.  If you run the powerpoint and click on the various objects you can listen to some French songs and watch interesting videos.  Have fun exploring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed both the face-to-face lessons and the activities I’ve posted on here for you. Have a fabulous summer, take lots of care and I look forward to teaching you again in class, in September.

Au revoir et bonnes vacances!

Mme Pandit😊

Hello lovely Year 4 and here we are at the final full week of this extraordinary school year. You'll find some finished island projects below from SS and EM. Well done to them both for amazing work. BD has finished too but his file is too big for the website so we'll have to look at that in September. The last piece of work is about 'Brilliant Bridges'. I look forward to seeing your ideas. Have a good week. Mrs P

Race Around the World Stage 5

Good morning Year 4, Ms Mears here!  I am so happy that I will meet you all as your teacher in Year 5.  Mrs Prior only ever has lovely things to say about you so I'm feeling very lucky.


Now that we've finished Treasure Island we're going to change focus.  We've done a lot of fiction work since lockdown started, but this week we're going to do mostly non-fiction, with a lot of reading.  The theme for all the work is Navigation and you'll be learning about it with some videos but mostly by reading the information.  Try your hardest, and remember, Mrs Prior and I love to see your work! 

Mrs P here. 

Congratulations to Lottie for becoming a reading millionaire - what an achievement! A couple of you are pretty close so I'll be emailing you to let you know if it's you.

English Tuesday: Read the information about John Harrison, then put it in order using your comprehension skills.



This week you’re going to learn some very important vocabulary in case you travel to a French-speaking country: ice-cream flavours! Use the powerpoint to help you learn and practice the words and to put them into sentences to express your opinions.

Bonne semaine!

Mme Pandit😊

Island Projects - you're very nearly done and you've completed such amazing work. This week I want you to research all about life on your island. Don't forget to send us what you've done and have a good week.

Race Around the World Stage 4

Hello everybody, this is the last week of Treasure Island!  We'll finish the story and then do some other island-related activities (EM already knows something about one of them!)  Mrs Prior and I noticed that we didn't get so many messages this week surprise but we hope it was because you were all having a fantastic time in the heatwave laugh.

This week is your second look at Decimals in Year 4. Each day's lesson is in the document called Decimals below.

English Monday: Watch Episode 9. Then there's an activity about Long John Silver's character.

English Tuesday: Watch the last episode (Episode 10). Then watch the play from 1 hour 31 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes. Finally, there's an activity where you can say which ending your preferred. (To watch the extract, as before search for ‘Drama Online Treasure Island’. Then you need to enter: Username:  7FjY6PmWu9 Password:  7UyY3Prqbs.)

English Wednesday: Remember, Treasure Island is a story! Find out how closely the author stuck to the facts about pirates.

English Thursday: Find out about another person who went on a long sea adventure - and this one was definitely real!




Island Projects: this week it's all about settlements - where people live. You are going to find out about a town or city on your island. If you have access to Powerpoint, looking at the presentation in slideshow is best. I look forward to hearing from you. Mrs P

Island Projects - updated PowerPoints from BD and SS (who added a fab video about his island) and great to get one from EM all about The Galapagos. Well done to them all!


Bonjour tous et toutes!

Have any of you already done any cooking or baking over this period?  I have two lovely cookery videos in French for you to try.  You can have a go at one or both. 

Bon appetit. À la semaine prochaîne!

Mme Pandit😊

Milkshake à la fraise - Strawberry milkshake.mp4

Still image for this video

Cooking in French - Le Croque-monsieur.mp4

Still image for this video

Throwing Challenge

Still image for this video

Catching Challenge

Still image for this video

Triple Jump Challenge

Still image for this video
Day 3's Challenge. If you cannot manage the hop step jump you can do 3 jumps instead. Mr K


I've just remembered that JH and I had an email conversation a few weeks ago and I asked him for any book recommendations. I said I would ask you for any good reads you've read during lockdown too - so here it is.

JH suggested The Midnight Gang by David Walliams and said he really enjoyed it.

Please email any suggestions you have and I'll put a list together.

Enjoy the sunshine, derink plenty and don't forget sunscreen and a hat!!

Mrs P


Bonjour tous et toutes!

This week let’s have some fun learning the names of some new animals and specifically, sea animals.  Then I’d like you to have a go at writing some sentences using these new nouns. Pay close attention to the writing frame at the bottom of the last sheet as we will be doing lots more work next year with verbs and adverbial phrases.

Have a great week. À la semaine prochaîne!

Mme Pandit😊


Egg and Spoon Challenge

Still image for this video
Tuesday's Challenge hope you are all well. Enjoy Mr K.

Speed Bounce Challenge

Still image for this video
Day one of our challenges remember to send in a video if you want to ( Will work on my videoing skills as the week goes on ) . Have a great week. Mr K
Welcome to another week Year 4.  As you can see on the BBC Treasure Island website, we have two more episodes of Treasure Island this week and two next week - then we've finished it!  Keep sending your work and news through, we love to get them!

English Wednesday: Find out about Paul Gauguin and follow the instructions to make a tropical island picture.

English Thursday: Watch the next episode and a clip of a fight between Jim and the pirate Israel Hands. Then there's an exercise with action verbs to use in a deadly fight scene.

English Friday: Watch Episode 8, then make a pirate-y cartoon.

Other Activities Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd June

Hello again

Your project work this week should take one of your other sessions and is all about the people and population of your island. You need to research data on the number of people who live there, the languages spoken and the religions people follow. I've done a PowerPoint based on the UK and I recommend you look at it in slideshow if you have PowerPoint.

The second activity this week links to Treasure Island and things that are buried and some of you may have already done it with siblings as other classes have been set it as an activity.

These times are extraordinary (nothing like this has happened in my lifetime and I'm quite old!) Below are worksheets for you to complete (or do your own ideas) to put in a time capsule and bury in your garden. You'll include information about yourself and your experience of lockdown. Hopefully in years to come, someone will discover your 'treasure' and find out what life was like for a Year 4 pupil from Blofield Primary - you will bring history to life for people in the future. As mentioned, you can use the resources provided, or put in things that you think are important but make sure you tell them all about you. Try and find a container that will keep your 'treasure' safe. Feel free to send pictures of your time capsule for others in the class to look at. Have a good week.

Mrs P

Morning Year 4 - I know it's Saturday but we had a technical hitch with the website so couldn't put your work up yesterday. I hope you are all ok. Thanks you for the fantastic island work you have sent through - I am really impressed with what I've seen and it's been informative reading your work. You've chosen great pictures and your I.T. skills are very good. Next week we'll be finding out about the people on your island and there'll also be something a bit different to do. It seems that you're enjoying Treasure Island too. Keep up the good work.

Mrs P

And here's the English work you sent through (with some great maps) - Ms Mears

Flip Flop Challenge

Still image for this video
Hi guys hope you are all well. Have set this up for you and there will be a challenge on each day next week for national sports week. If you can and want to take some videos of the challenges and send them in to me at school as it would be lovely to see all your happy smiley faces. Mums and dads feel free to have a go too for some family fun. Take care all of you am missing each and every one of you and will hopefully see you soon. Mr K .

Race Around the World Stage 3

Hello Year 4, Ms Mears here.  I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather.  It looks as though it's going to carry on this week so we'll all be able to get outside in the sunshine! - when you're not doing the work I've posted for you here ;}

Mrs Prior here as well.

Your Maths this week is all about money. There is a document for Monday -Thursday and then a separate document for Friday (19th).

Island projects are looking fab. New work all about the nature of your island, at the end of this week's work. look forward to hearing from you soon.


English Tuesday: Use the information on page 2 of the Treasure Island Vocabulary document to work out the meaning of Ben Gunn's diary! It's full of real words that sailors and pirates used to use.

English Wednesday: Use both pages of yesterday's Treasure Island Vocabulary document to write your own 'Day in the Life of Ben Gunn'. You can make it as sad or funny or scary as you like! I've also added a recipe for Ship's Biscuit.

English Thursday: Watch Episode 6. Then write who YOU think should get the treasure (I've given you an example of how you could do it).

English Friday: When Robert Louis Stephenson wrote Treasure Island he also drew a very careful map - click on the black and white one below to see it. Then click on the colour one to see how another illustrator has changed it. Your work today is to use the maps and the Treasure Island Vocabulary document to draw your own map of a treasure island. It can be just like Jim's island, or any other type that you like! Just make sure that you label it really well, especially the location of the treasure....



A fun project for you this week on descriptions which combines dictionary work and my favourite, physical phonics.  Usually we would use the bilingual dictionaries in school but you will have to either use one that you have at home or consult the internet if needed.

If you would like your description to be displayed on the class page, send a photo of it to me via my work email: and I’ll select a few of them.

Amusez-vous bien!

Mme Pandit😊

Project no 2 un animal extraordinaore.mp4

Still image for this video

Hello Year 4

I hope you've all had a good week and are keeping yourselves busy. Ms Mears and I are sharing the week between us and in school with some of Year 6. It's been lovely for me catching up with them again as they were class last year. I think of all of you though and your emails make me smile whenever I read them. Some great project work has been sent through and it's below for you to have a look at. I've already learned so much that I didn't know. Next week you'll be researching the nature of your island. Have a good weekend. 

Mrs P

And here's some of the fantastic writing that you sent to me (Ms Mears):

Mr K's Take That audition

Still image for this video
A little fun dance aerobics video for you to do if you want to. Enjoy Mr K

Race Around the World Stage 2


Avast me old sea dogs, Capn Mears here!  Not really, it's just Ms Mears giving you your work for this week...


For Maths we are revising multiplication and division, and in English we are continuing the story of Treasure Island.  I hope you are enjoying it and I'll be posting a play for you to watch soon, with Jim played by a girl (interesting!)


There is a comprehension exercise to do on Monday before watching the next episodes.  On Tuesday watch Episode 3 (and follow the transcript if you like), and on Wednesday watch Episode 4.

Island Project Work 8th and 9th June

Hopefully, you have chosen an island to research and do your project on. I know that AW has chosen Madagascar and I would like to know what others have chosen - drop me an email.

This week you are going to find out about the climate and physical features of the island. Below is a PowerPoint (or PDF) which has slides for you to read, links to clips to watch and a quiz, and 2 activities for you to do yourself about the place you are studying.

My examples are about the UK but I look forward to learning about some other places in the world.

Mrs P


Bon matin!

How well do you know Paris?  Use the powerpoint lesson to become familiar with the main tourist attractions, with a lovely mickey mouse video in French at the end of it. If you would like to supplement this lesson, you can use the HighFive link given last week

 (Lesson 10 – A trip to Paris)

À la semaine prochaîne!

Mme Pandit

Hello Year 4, and here are some links so you can see what your friends have been up to at home.  Have a lovely weekend, from Ms Mears and Mrs Prior.
Hi Guys hope you are all well and that you had a good half term. I am missing the sunshine a bit at the moment as I am sure you are too. This week we are exercising and travelling around the world you can do as much or as little as you can and can repeat everyday until your new destinations come out. Stay safe and happy and I hope you enjoy this weeks work. Mr K

Race Around the World (more destinations to follow on Tuesday)

Hello Year 4 and welcome back from Mrs Prior and Ms Mears! 


Ms Mears will be putting up English and Maths for you to do and Mrs Prior will be doing your other work.  


It looks like a lot because we're posting the whole week's work today!  We're looking at another classic book in English - Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson - and for Maths we're revising work on Addition and Subtraction.  For Spelling, there are 8 more words to practise - you can do the sheet here and/or Look Cover Write Check.


Have a great week everybody!

Daily calculations this week have a pirate theme: calculate the answers, colour the squares and reveal the pirate picture!  You can take a whole week to do the sheet.


This term I’d like to introduce you to a great French course for young learners: High Five French.  You can click on the link and watch the videos and practice the vocabulary.  If you would like to access more content, you can sign up for a free 3 month access over this period.

For this week I’d like you to do a revision lesson ( Lesson 12 – la famille)

(For those of you who would also like to learn some Spanish, they have a series of Spanish lessons too).

Some of your work from this week. A letter for Mr Badger from JH. Three great wanted posters from DP. JL and HT. An imaginative acrostic from AW and some maths from AM. Also pleased to see some sentences using adverbs and a tricky sequence for me to follow from SS.

Friday 22nd May

Good morning.

Here we are at the end of the half-term and what a different few weeks it has been. Ms Mears and I hope that you have enjoyed The Wind in the Willows, we have certainly enjoyed looking at the work you have sent through. If you have liked the book, you could always listen to the last few chapters and find out what that naughty Mr Toad does next.

After the holiday, there will be a new focus and lots more learning to be done, so enjoy the week away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more of the glorious weather we have had over the last few weeks. Stay safe and send my best wishes everyone at home.

Mrs P.

mercredi 20 mai 2020

As it is half term next week I am setting you a challenge put together by the British Council, which you can spend 2 weeks on.  If you have a brother or sister in year 3, 5 or 6, you must try and get different answers where possible. I miss our French lessons and hope to see you soon. Bonne chance! (Good luck). Madame Pandit😊

Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 4

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. I hope you managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and maybe even more than once now that we are allowed out more.

Although it was Ms Mears' week, I have kept an eye on what you have been doing and have been impressed by the range of activities you have done and the high standard of the work. So lovely to see your smiling faces and read your emails.

This week, you have the same format. Today, there is a chapter of The Wind in the Willows to listen to or read but no work to go with it, and then you'll listen to chapter 6.

Maths is looking at 2D and 3D shapes and the 'other' subjects for today and tomorrow are a real mix.

Next week you will have a well-deserved rest and Ms Mears and I will  be thinking about what to do after half-term.

I'll write more towards the end of the week and look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!!

Mrs P.



Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy looking at the things that you and your friends have e-mailed to me this week.


Still image for this video

Plants by NM

Bug hotel by NM

Lego bugs by EM

Letter to Mr Badger

A den for Mr Badger!

Bug hotel by CA

Making the bug hotel

The finished product!

A whole book of Maths revision!

Beautiful nature picture by AS

Good morning Year 4.  Friday's work is below smiley .


I'll be posting the things you've sent me this week in the evening and I look forward to hearing about the things you've been doing.

Click on the links for Thursday's activities (and I have checked the Daily Calculations very carefully today, after a mistake in one of them yesterday - sorry!)
Here are Wednesday's activities everyone.  Have a good day!  Ms Mears P.S Has anyone made any Lego bugs??

French Storytelling

Still image for this video
This week I have a storytelling task for you. You probably already know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in English but let’s have a go at seeing what some of the French words would be. Listen to the story and see if you can complete the vocabulary activity provided. If you’d like to challenge yourself, see how much you can do without looking at the story text but certainly take a look at it if you’d rather not. What words were easy to work out? Why?
Hello Year 4, here is Tuesday's work: there's another graph sheet for Maths and a presentation about prepositions.  Remember to go back to Monday's links for Spelling practice and creative activities. Ms Mears

Hello everyone from Ms Mears, and welcome to a rather blowy Monday!  I'm posting lots of things today, so I want to remind you that it's up to you to choose what you would like to do - there is no expectation at all that you do everything.  Mrs Prior and I just want to make sure that you've got ideas for interesting and enjoyable things to do until we get back to school.


As usual, there are spelling games that you can do any time this week (or Look Cover Write Check if you prefer).  Maths this week is about representing data using graphs.  In English we are on Episode 4 of Wind in the Willows.  Click on Bug Activities for creative ideas, including making your own graphs.  If you like Lego, there are some ideas for making bugs here: There are more creative activities to be found by clicking on the links about Maria Sibylla Merian, a bug expert who lived 350 years ago.


As usual, I would love to see any work that you want to share!

More Show and Tell

It seems lots of you have been enjoying the outdoors. Jacob H has taken some beautiful photos in his garden; Charlotte has been out on her bike and sent me some instructions and Dexter was up and out at 7am to photograph hares and nature. He then sent me some instructions so that I can follow his route - I just need to setm my alarm!

Mrs P

Hi to all families. Just a fun challenge for you this week I hope you enjoy and feel free to use other movements if you would like to. If your super bored and would like some more challenges look on the PE pages and I will put 2 more on there for you. They are quite hard but make of them what you want I did set them for years 5 and 6. I hope you have a good week and am looking forward to seeing you when we return to school. Mr K

Mr K's Hungary Caterpillar Challenge

Here is a challenge for all the family just try to walk for as long as possible and have rests if you need them

Show and Tell


I've had some great work sent through and some extra things that people have been doing to be creative. There may be more to follow as I'm waiting to hear back from a few of you.

Matthew and his brother have come up with a very entertaining Coronavirus song;  Ashton filmed himself doing Mr K's Cha cha slide; Jacob H has produced a fact file on badgers and Joseph really wanted to share the activities he and his sister have done to celebrate VE Day tomorrow (the reason why the bank holiday was moved).

75 years ago tomorrow, Europe heard the news that it had been waiting nearly 6 years to hear - that the war in Europe was over. Perhaps tonight you'll be out clapping those who are helping our country through this difficult time - maybe you can spare a thought for all those young men and women who answered the call to duty and let's hope it's not too long until we have our own good news.

Take care.

Mrs P

Video (7).MOV

Still image for this video

Dance Monkey D 19 Corona Cover

Good morning Year 4

So, here we are at the end of this short week. It looks like the next few days are going to be lovely and I hope you and your families manage to enjoy the sunshine. Mrs P

A fun French Workout

Still image for this video
This week I want to get you moving and having fun learning French with an active aerobics video, followed by a calming Mindfulness video. Amusez-vous bien! Enjoy!

French Mindfulness for children- avec Emilie.mp4

Still image for this video



Hello everyone, Ms Mears here.


Mrs Prior and I mentioned that we would post some of your work here and if you click on the links below you can see what your friends have been doing.  Matthew B's presentation has a quiz in it to test your knowledge once you've finished reading it.

Dexter's French

Still image for this video

Good morning

I hope you're all ready for another week although it's only 4 days this week due to Friday being Bank Holiday. It's normally on a Monday and would have been today. I wonder if you know why it's been changed? Perhaps you're planning to do something special on Friday in your house?

This week I have put the work into PDF format as well as the formats we've used before as people not running Windows are finding it difficult to get the work on the page as we have been saving it. Don't panic - there isn't twice as much work!!! There are lots of links but some of them are just examples of creatives to help inspire you and don't need printing.

I have put this week's spellings into some of the games that Ms Mears gave you last week as I really liked them. If you prefer to do LCWC that's fine too.

English is chapter 3 from Wind in the Willows - Mole goes on an adventure. Maths is all about lines and angles and the creatives are linked to English and maths.

Have a good week and look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs P.

Hello Year 4, Mrs Prior here.

I have loved reading your messages and looking at the work you've been doing. Well done! It's a shame the weather hasn't been so good but fingers crossed for next week.

Baby bird update

Some of you guessed correctly - it was a baby robin. I thought it was a wren as it didn't have a red breast but when I read up on it there is a good reason. If it was red, the parent birds would fight the baby for territory (robins may look cute and sing beautifully but they can be quite aggressive) so the red breast feathers don't grow until the baby is independent. You see - you're never too old to learn.

Have a great weekend and look forward to hearing from you next week.


It's Friday! (I think.)  Here's today's work: a Maths challenge, another capacity idea (Day 5), and a Wind in the Willows activity about the story's characters (it's up to you if you want to write the answers to the character questions, but you don't have to.  I would be interested to know who is your favourite character though and why!). 


For the Maths challenge, there are two sides on the sheet.  See you many you can do on the first side in one mad Maths minute.  Then do the other side and see if you can do it in less time.


Have a lovely weekend, Ms Mears.



Mr K´s Cha Cha Slide

Hi Guys hope you are all well and that you have had a good week. Here is a fun activity for you and your family if they want to and have the time to have a try. I have put it on all of the years class pages but don't worry if you cannot do much or any of the activity. If you really enjoy it do it 2 or 3 times a day until next Friday when i will set you another challenge. Have a great week and i hope the song does not annoy you too much parents. Mr K

Hello Year 4 children and parents, it's Ms Mears again.  I've uploaded another Daily Calculations for you to do, and another Maths activity on Capacity (Day 4).  You can still practice your spelling words by choosing any of the Spelling Games uploaded on Monday.  There's also a quick matching comprehension on Episode 2 of the Wind in the Willows.  Have a good day!


Good morning everyone.  If you want to practice some spelling today, click on Monday's spelling games.  For Maths activities, click on Day 3.  I've really loved reading your All About Me - if you haven't done one yet you still can, and if you have, I have left a comment for you.  Have a lovely day, from Ms Mears.

The Hungry Monster (Le monstre a faim) - mini book project

Still image for this video
To write, design and illustrate a mini book in French.

Norfolk School Games Virtual Challenges (only if you can and want to do them) Mr K

Hello everyone, here is Tuesday's work from Ms Mears.


For Spelling, click on Monday's spelling games document and choose one or two activities.  For Maths, click on Day 2 - it has Monday and Tuesday's activities on it, so you can repeat or do Monday's if you missed it.  It's good weather for cooking! - remember if you do, Mrs Prior and I can put your recipe in the Year 4 Recipe Book.  It's also a good day for capacity - can you make an estimate of how much rain you can collect in a container by the end of the day?  Or design your own rainy capacity test and let me know what you did!  Lastly, if you haven't done your Purple Mash 2Do, you can go ahead and do it today.


Good morning everybody, Ms Mears here!


I've looked at the weather forecast and it seems it won't be as sunny and warm this week.  There might be some rain too, which will be good for all the new things growing in our gardens and fields.  For Thursday's Maths activity, you can make a delicious drink like lemonade or smoothie.  If you do, you could share your recipe with me and Mrs Prior - we want to compile a 'Blofield Year 4 Lockdown Recipe Book' to keep recipes for anything you make while you're at home.


Monday's activities are below.  I'm looking forward to getting your messages and seeing your work on the class e-mail.  And if there are any problems with the links or documents, you can let me know with a message too.

Spelling activities - you can do one a day, or more if you like!

English - open this to listen to the next episode of Wind in the Willows

Open this to read along while you listen

Maths - get estimating with capacity!

From Mrs Prior, Sunday 26.4.20: I've been enjoying the lovely weather and spending a lot of time in our garden. The baby bird in the pictures kept me company, calling for its mum. I thought I knew what breed it was until I saw the mum flying down with food. I wonder if you can guess? Put your ideas in an email to the class page and I'll let you know in a few days.

A really descriptive acrostic poem by HP and a fact file on badgers by TL, inspired by his grandad finding a badger sett while out walking.

Hello Everybody,


We're going to meet a new character in Wind in the Willows next week and I've put a little clue right here 🐸.


I'm really excited to start working with you and I've been talking to Mrs Prior about what would be fun for you to do, not just on your own but with your brothers and sisters if you have any.


To Mums, Dads, and anyone else who looks after you at home: could you please keep a hold of any used food/cleaning material containers as we'll be using them for some 'capacity' activities in Maths next week.  The more different sizes the better!


By the way, I did enjoy seeing the work that has been put on the home learning page.  If you do e-mail Mrs Prior or me with your work, we will add a few pieces to the website at the end of every week, as long as you're happy for us to do that.


That reminds me: I should give a special 'well done' to Kyla and Naima for having a go at an activity on Purple Mash.  Look out for a 2Do on Purple Mash next week - you can use it to tell me a little bit about yourselves, and I'll do one too (including a picture!).


Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Ms Mears

Great PowerPoint presentation from DP. I think you'll enjoy it.

Thursday 23rd April - Happy St. George's Day. It's also the date that a famous Briton was born and died - do you know who?

Good morning Year 4


Mrs Prior again! Hope you are all ok and looking forward to getting back to some work. 


Below you will find a letter about this half-term and a message from Ms Mears, your new teacher. We have been in touch quite a bit over the holiday and I know she is really looking forward to working with you all. Let's hope it's not too long until you can meet her in person.


Please read the letter before you start today's work as there is some important information in it that you will need.


Here are this week's spellings - tricky words again:

address, answer, eight/eighth, enough, library, material, recent, regular


Have a good day.

Mrs P




Hello Children (and Parents) of Year 4!


I'm Ms Mears, your new teacher.


When I was your age, I went to school in Gorleston - but there was nothing like lockdown! This is a very strange time for everybody and I'm sorry that I can't meet you in person. But Mrs Prior and I will be working together to make sure that we keep a virtual Year 4 going for you until you all come back to school.


If you like, you can send me a message.  Tell me something that has gone well in lockdown and something that hasn't.  For me, what went well: I might be winning the battle with the ants that keep trying to suck the sap out of my new flowers.  I put a big lump of sugar on the soil under the buds, and after it got nice and wet in the rain the ants were crawling all over it very busily! What didn't go well: the lemon drizzle cake.  Someone - it might have been me - turned up the heat on the oven by accident, so the cake was nice and cooked on the inside but very solid and burned on the outside.  (But all wasn't lost. We cut the top off, put on the drizzle and scooped out the sponge with a spoon.  Yum!)


Ms Mears

Week 2 - 30.03.20


Hello Year 4, Mrs Prior here.


I hope that you and all your families are keeping well and that you managed to get out in the lovely sunshine last week. As I took my daily exercise, I enjoyed spotting rainbows in people's windows around the village and even saw one that said, "Hello Year 4," which made me think of all of you and put  a smile on my face.

I wonder if you are using the time to learn a new skill or improve one you had already started. I hope you're practicing your times tables and reading every day and that you managed to do some of the activities set by Mr Hilson last week. I have spoken to him and he is fine. He sends his best wishes. Both of us are sure that you will be behaving fantastically for your parents during this tricky time; remember to be as helpful as possible!!

Take care

Mrs P


This week's work follows a similar pattern to last week's:


daily reading


Spelling - all tricky words this week    accidental(ly), early, knowledge, purpose, actual(ly), earth, learn, quarter 

Day 1 - LCWC

Day 2 - definitions

Day 3 - put in a sentence


Reading comprehension  - a text about Spring and 3 levels of questions (answers provided)


SPAG - fronted adverbials - 4 sheets for everyone, each with a different activity


Creative - some art following on from Monet, with some poetry to read and write


Maths - daily calculations

daily activity based on time


Make sure you do some fitness activities too. I've been joining in with Joe Wicks's daily workout and also doing some Let's Dance - I hope to come back to school much fitter!

Please the message from Mr Hilson on the usual Year 4 Class page.



For the next two weeks, each teacher will be uploading work for the week on a Monday morning (this may continue like this after Easter but, as you know, at the moment we do not know). We also understand that each child has different resources at home and that a lot of parents are still busy working themselves.


Here is an outline of work and activities that we are recommending:


- Daily Calculations (for the five days)
- Practical maths activities
- Worksheets (Please do not pick the HOT sheets if your children may struggle, these are challenge questions and are not intended for all children)
- Times table rock stars


- Daily reading
- Spelling practise - do the activities below over 3 days using the spellings for the week

1) Look, cover, write, check

2) Find each word in a dictionary and write the definition

3) Write each word in a sentence
- Reading comprehension activity
- Writing task for the week
- Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG)


Foundation Subject
- This will be a foundation subject activity each week, such as, DT, art, science, history or geography.


- Joe Wicks (the body coach) live PE lessons every day at 9am on his YouTube channel
- Cosmic Kids Yoga (YouTube)
- GoNoodle Dances (GoNoodle website or some are available on YouTube)
- Exercise size challenge: how many star jumps, burpees, push ups and jumping lunges can you do in 1 minute? (1 minute for each)


- Purple mash will also be available to children. Our recent focuses have been learning to touch type and spreadsheets but there are plenty of English activities (e.g. animate a book for the water cycle) and the children should check their ‘To Dos’.


Museums and Zoos are also offering virtual tours and theatre groups are uploading plays online, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Home Learning - week commencing 23rd March



  • Please read every day - little and often is better than one big reading session per week.
  • Practise this week's spellings: scent, science, scene, scissors, ascend, descend, fascinate, muscle
  • Complete the following two worksheets (reading comprehension and SPaG).
  • Writing - you could write a newspaper article about the closure of schools or write a film review or keep a diary of what you do during this strange time away from school.



  • Play Timestables Rockstars as often as you can.  
  • Help out around the house with practical maths (real maths in action!) such as cooking, measuring or buying things.
  • Complete the following worksheets (daily calculations and other activities)


Foundation subjects

  • Computing - check your Purple Mash account for 'ToDos'
  • Science - create your own Water Cycle outside.  Maybe you could make different instruments with different frequencies of sound?
  • Art - just like you started learning about Monet, maybe you could research a different famous artist?


Year 4

Unit 30: Parts of the Body - Interactive tasks 2. Morpion / 3.  La chasse au mot (use glossary for help) / Worksheet 1

Unit 09: Where do you live? - Interactive tasks. 1. Tu habites ou?/ 2. J'habite à / 3. J'habite à Lyon / Worksheet 5 Bande dessinée

Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das