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Blofield Summer Fete is on Saturday 11th June 2022
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Year 3

More Time and Tide photos, the children held mammoth fossils, threw spears, made bronze brooches and held Iron Age weapons.

Time and Tide museum, what a brilliant day. Year 3 represented themselves and our school brilliantly and had so much fun learning about the stone, bronze and Iron Age.

This week in art, inspired by our Stone Age learning, we had a go at our own cave paintings. Messy but effective!

In art, we have been learning about William Morris. We made a fact file about him and had a go at block printing, just like he used to! This has made some lovely displays for our corridor.

Summer Term 1


Welcome back to school Year 3! I hope you had a lovely break and are looking forward to another term of learning, hopefully, with more sunshine! 


This half term we are going to be learning about the Stone age and Iron age which will include an exciting trip to the time and tide museum (more information to follow). Linked to this, we will be learning about rocks in science and construction in D&T. In Art, we will be learning about William Morris and how to print in different ways. 

We will be looking at peer pressure and how to make moral decisions in Curriculum for life/RE and in Computing, we will learn more about emails and databases. 


In English, we will be writing a story based on 'Stone age boy' and a Non-fictional brochure. In Maths, we will continue on with fractions and then move onto learning how to tell the time. 


Music will be on a Monday with Miss Masterson, French on a Wednesday with Mrs Pandit and PE will be on a Monday and Friday with Mrs Lawrence and Mr Keating - please ensure children have their kits on these days. 


I am really looking forward to this half term! 

Thank you, 

Mr Heasman 

In English, we finished our play script and are now planning a biography. We have learnt about Grace Darling's life and did some drama activities about her. When this is finished, children will use what they have learnt about how to write a biography and then write their own about a famous scientist.

Forest School 23.03.22

Our play script for 'The Plague Village'

Spreadsheets and touch typing! We look very serious...

We had a good week in Year 3 this week! 


We continued to write our play script and learnt more about what life would have been like for people in 1665/1666. In maths, we continued to measure and focused on equivalent measurements (mm/cm & m/cm).


We also started our sewing project - we are designing and making our own product (soft toy) and on Friday we completed the design stage so will be moving on to preparing the materials for sewing ! 


It was great to see the children in their costumes for World Book Day, they had lots of fun sharing their stories and characters with the class - thank you. 

Welcome back Year 3, I hope you had a lovely week off! 


The topic for this half term is called 'Mission Cure', we are going to be looking at medicine/health care of the past and how it has progressed to current day care. In English, we are writing a play script about the plague coming to a little village called Eym. It has been really fun so far and the children enjoyed a lesson full of drama to get us into the mindset of a play script writer. 


In maths, we will be covering money, measurement and fractions. In science we will continue to learn about plants, focusing on the flowering plant, pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. 


In RE, we will be learning about Christianity and the Holy Trinity and in curriculum for life we will be focused on our mental health and how it is just as important as our physical health. 


In D&T, we will sewing and in computing we are exploring spreadsheets while continuing to practise touch typing. 


Year 3 will also continue to have forest school on a Wednesday afternoon, yay! 


A very busy half term with lots going on, as a result I have had to remove PE from our timetable on a Monday - I would like children to have their kits in school all week so that I can be flexible with when to teach their second PE lesson. 


Thank you! 

Mr Heasman 

Forest School 02.03.22

Two of our science investigations! Ask your child what is happening in these photographs...

In geography, we are learning about biomes. Today we had a fantastic day learning all about the rainforest. We spent the day in the hall with a forest expert who taught us about rainforests through lots of fun drama activities!

Making patterns outside!

Forest School Session 1

Happy New Year! 


Welcome back Year 3 - I hope you all had a lovely break and are ready for lots of new learning. 


This half term, our topic is called 'All around the world'. We will be learning about different biomes form around the world and have an 'in school' drama workshop all about rainforests planned. In science we will be learning about plants, specifically their roots and shoots. In maths we will continue to practice multiplication and division and in English we are reading the story 'The magic paintbrush' which is set in China and about a girl who can make things come to life with her paintbrush - we will write our own version of this story. 

Our art lessons will focus around pattern and in RE we will be learning about Islam. 


The children will also be going to forest school every Wednesday afternoon which is going to be so much fun! 


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for our Christmas cards and presents - we felt very grateful and spoiled! 


Mr H 

Geography knowledge organiser spring1

Knowledge organiser for science

MFL: Year 3 French

Salut et Bonne Année! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the new year!

This is the coverage for this half term: 

Spring Term 1 – Colours, Days, Months & Birthday.

Pupils will:

  • Understand simple questions
  • Answer in simple sentences
  • Copy words and phrases correctly
  • Extend knowledge of how numbers work in French up to 31
  • Apply vocabulary for the purpose of giving more information about yourself.

We really enjoyed our festive morning! Thank you to those who could make it. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Some examples of our finished poems!

In science, we investigated how line travels in straight lines.

The children have finished writing their poems! I am so proud of their work, today we spent some time reading each other our work - some children read theirs to the whole class

Year 3 have had a great start to the new half term and are working really hard. In English, we are writing a poem all about Autumn, personification has been our main focus for the last week and I have been really impressed with everyone's creativity. 


In geography this week, we are going to be learning about deforestation and the impact it can have on our climate. In science we are looking at how light travels in straight lines - I have a fun experiment for children to have a go with at on Thursday that will really show them how light travels. 



Let there be Light! Today we started our Science work for this half term by exploring and having some fun with light. We used torches to explore shadows, transparent/opaque materials and how light travels in straight lines.

Today, we started thinking about climate change by learning about coastal erosion. We learnt about what this means and how it happens. I then challenged the children to design and build a coastal defence using the materials I had provided. The children worked so well and came up with some brilliant barriers.

Welcome back Year 3, I hope you all had a lovely week off school. 

I really enjoyed listening to all the things you got up to. 


The topic for this half term is 'Let there be light' - during this half term we will be learning about light (science), climate change (geography), different religious festivals (RE), stereotypes and how to challenge them (curriculum for life) and in computing we will focus on online safety. 

In English, we will be writing a poem about the seasons and a balanced argument based around the book 'Star in the jar'. In maths, we are continuing on with adding and subtracting, then will move on to multiplication. 


The children have stuck knowledge organisers into their homework books - these will give you an idea of the content we are covering and can be used to aid with homework. 


Thank you, 

Mr H 



MFL: Year 3 French

This is the coverage for this half term: 

Autumn Term 2 - Talk about themselves, their age and what colours they like.

Pupils will:

  • Understand and use phonic knowledge to read number words to 20 aloud
  • Understand simple questions
  • Answer in simple sentences
  • Copy words and phrases correctly
  • Demonstrate knowledge of culture and customs.

Geography knowledge organiser Autumn 2

Science knowledge organiser Autumn 2

Our finished puppets! Designed, made and evaluated - well done Year 3.

We have been learning about muscles, today we made models of our arm using rubber bands. It was tricky but helped us understand how our body moves!

Sorry for not updating the page recently! I have been having trouble getting onto the website... technology! 


The children have been working so hard over the last 2 weeks, I am really pleased with everybody. This week, we finished writing our first big write of the half term, a retell of 'The three little pigs'. It was a different version of the traditional tale and the children had lots of fun with the sequence of lessons. 


In maths, we have moved onto adding and subtracting 1,2 and 3 digit numbers. In science we have learnt about the human skeleton and this week are looking at the muscles and what they do for our body. 


We have also had lots of fun this week doing D&T. The children have designed and made some fantastic stick puppets with moving parts - pictures to follow. These will come home after they have been displayed in school for a little bit. 


I will do one more homework for next week but will not be giving them anything to do for half term! Continue to read and practise times tables but mainly, enjoy the break! 


Mr H 

Learning about the human skeleton!

Year 3 School Council reps, voted in by the class. Well done to Dara and Arthur !

Our first start writers, Harry, Coco, Oliver and Dara. Well done you four!

What a busy week Year 3 have had, we have been working really hard and I am really happy with our progress! 


In English, we have continued our writing on 'The true story of the three little pigs'. We have covered: complex sentences, onomatopoeia, adjectives, verbs, adverbials and using repetition for effect - just this week! 


In maths, we are still working through our 'place value' work, this week we moved onto numbers up to 1000. We have also been practising our times tables, these are going to be very helpful for our learning in KS2. 


In Science, we have been learning about nutrition and designed a healthy/balanced meal that contained all 5 food groups. In art we explored how atmosphere can be created using different colours and used this to create 'Once upon a time' themed castles. 


In curriculum for life we have been learning about 'relationships' and in geography we looked at different cities in the UK and will compare London to Blofield. 


A busy but very productive week, enjoy your weekend Year 3. 

I won't be in Monday/Tuesday as I will be on a first aid course so I will see you all Wednesday - I have planned some fun lessons for the next couple of days so don't worry! 


Mr H





Our writing about 'The true story of the three little pigs' is coming on nicely!

Good morning! 


There is no designated book changing day. As soon as children have read their book, they can do a quiz and change their book in the school library. We will help them do this! 


Thank you, 

Mr H 

Today we interviewed the Wolf from 'The Three Little Pigs'. We came up with lots of questions to ask the wolf, some were rather funny. In English, we will be using the story 'The true story of the three little pigs' to base our writing around.

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 3! This week has all been about settling in, decorating our classroom and having some fun. We talked about our dreams and aspirations, we made our new safe guarding hands, we started some of our topic work by making some 'groovy' skeletons and painted self portraits! 


Thank you to all of Year 3 for making our first week back so enjoyable. 


Have a great weekend, Mr H 


(Photos to follow) 

Year 3 Information Letter

All smiles on our first day back! We have had a great day

Our learning objectives for our topic: 'Once upon a time'

Hello Year 3, Mr H here! 


I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday morning, we have a fun week planned with lots of activities to settle us back in and get us ready for a fantastic year of learning. 


I will be sending out a letter and email later in the week with all the information you will need for this half term. 


PE will be on a Monday and *Friday* afternoon, children will need to bring their PE kits on these days. 


Thank you and see you soon! 


Mr Heasman 





Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das