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Reception Intake September 2021 - we are unable to hold an open day this year so please look out for a virtual tour and video at the beginning of November
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Year 2

Year 2 Autumn 2 Topic Map

Half Term Homework


Please find this half terms homework on Teams. There are two maths activities and one grammar. All of the grammar on the sheet has been taught this term, however, the children are still finding it tricky and we will be revisiting it next half term so please don't worry if they do not know it all yet. 


The homework can be returned to me via private message on Teams by 5/11/20.


Have a lovely half term everyone :)

Reading Information

Reading is a big focus in Year 2, in particular the children’s speed, fluency and comprehension. In school we do a range of activities to support the children with this.


Examples of what reading happens in Year 2:
- Whole class reading, where the children read and then we explore the text together. For this we focus on retrieving information from the text, making predictions, summarising, inference and clarifying. Similar to the Hodgeheg text we did as home learning, but more in depth through whole class discussion.
- Comprehension tasks based on extracts from a range of texts such as non-fiction, stories, poems or instructions (which are differentiated by ability), these are either created by me or taken from schemes of work such as, The Comprehension Shed or GCP.
For both of the activities above, myself and Mrs Culley-Barber will either go round and listen to the children read or they will read out loud to the class or group (taking into accounting whether the child is able to read it and feels comfortable doing so).
- Regular phonics practice (and phonics interventions for the children requiring additional support)
- Something I call ‘Speed Reading’, where the children see how many words they can read in a minute to increase speedy word recognition.
- Reading in topic lessons. For example, last week the children researched and read about Grace Darling in History to find out about her life, the people she rescued and why we remember her today.
- Story time where I read to the class, for enjoyment and to promote a love of stories.

- To best support your child, we ask that they read at home 5 times a week, as per the home learning policy.



Please could the children bring their reading books and records in daily after half term, as I will be recording in the records when this reading has taken place. 





website link to practice 'wie heisst du?':



Spellings Week 6
Set 12.10.20
Tested on 19.10.20


Food Technology - After much talk of healthy eating, the children designed a sandwich and used chopping, grating, peeling and spreading skills to make their own sandwich. Then they evaluated it against their criteria, was it healthy, tasty, easy to make and visually appealing.

A big well done to Year 2 for all their hard work whilst at home and a massive thank you to parents as well!

German - Felix und Franzi Chapter 2

Still image for this video
Wie geht's - Saying how you are.

Thursday 24th September


Last day of home learning! I am very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Please join me for Chapter 4 of The hodgeheg at 10am and find the handwriting video for today on Teams (Handwriting 5).


The children were just beginning to rewrite an alternative version of the lighthouse keeper's lunch when we left school last Tuesday so I would like the original story to stay in their heads as much as possible, therefore I have uploaded a reading activity to do with the story for today.


Phonics - 
Mild - the ng sound. Please watch the video and do the following activity.
Medium - the ure sound. Please watch the video and do the following activity.

Hot - Please watch the video and then play the game

Wednesday 22nd September


Hello again Year 2, 


Just two more days of home learning! I have scheduled another live session for today at 10am so I look forward to seeing you there for Chapter 3 of The Hodgehed. I have also uploaded another maths tutorial video and the maths slides on to Teams.


Mrs Pandit will also be uploading German resources later today.

03 Track 3.wma

Felix und Franzi, Band1, Kapitel 1 - Hallo!.mp4

Still image for this video

Tuesday 22nd September


Good morning everyone!


I have uploaded the maths slides on to Teams, along with a pre-recorded tutorial where I talk through the slides. There is also an additional handwriting video on there too.


It would be great for the children to revisit the phonics play site, here are the specific activities below.

Mild - picture matching 

Medium - buried treasure, please focus on the 'ou' sound

Hot - compound word splat


Thank you to everybody who has either uploaded their work or sent me photographs.

I hope you have another nice day and I am looking forward to Friday, when I see you all again.


Miss Nicholls

Monday 21st September


Hello All,


I hope you are well and enjoyed the lovely weather this week end.


Please tune into another live whole class reading session at 10am on Teams to hear the next chapter of The Hodgeheg and answer follow up questions.


Miss Masterson has set a couple of music tasks for the children on Charanga too, that you can see when you log in.


In addition to the work below I have also uploaded another handwriting video and a spelling tutorial video on to Teams. 


I hope you have a great day Year 2!


Spellings – Week 3
Set 21.9.20
Tested on 28.9.20


Some fantastic home learning going on once again.

18/9/20 Please find the attached documents below for today's learning.


There is also a live session happening on Teams at 10.00am where I plan to trial the video sessions and do a whole class read.

Additionally there is a handwriting video for the children to access on Teams, Handwriting 2 (where the children will practise the letters t and u).

Additional Message


This afternoon you will all receive a log in  and instructions for Teams where the children will be able to access recorded and live video sessions. 


I would like to do a live trial session tomorrow morning (Friday 18th) at 10.00am to see if the children are able to access it. If your child is able to attend, I do ask for you to please mute your microphones (an option that is available before you enter the call and during) so we are not hearing all the children and back ground noise at once and remain with your child during the session due to their age, at least for the first go, whilst we trial it. 


This is a new thing that we are introducing/trialling so please bare with us/it if there are any technical difficulties. However, I am hoping it will be a good way to continue the learning and keep us all connected.


Many thanks,

Miss Nicholls

Thursday 17th September


Hello Year 2,


I hope all of you are well. I would like to say a big thank all parents/carers and the children for their cooperation and support yesterday.

I believe you have all been sent a new email and log in, to access lesson materials on Teams. As we all need some time to get our heads around how it works I have uploaded work onto the class page for today.

Please find below today's maths, PE, spelling, reading activity and food technology work.


It would also be helpful for all children to continue their phonics work. Phonics play is a useful resource and is currently free to access at the moment and I have put the username and password below.

Mild - Flash card games
Medium - practise the 'aw' sound on the link below  
Hot - head to the Phase 6 section and practise the 'Past Tense Penguins'. 


Username: march20
Password: home


Please contact me with any queries or questions at


Have a nice day, 

Miss Nicholls

We have had a fantastic start to the term. Here are some photos of the children enjoying their time in the nature area.

Autumn Term 1 - Spellings


Spellings – Week 2
Set 14.9.20
Tested on 21.9.20



Spellings – Week 3
Set 21.9.20
Tested on 28.9.20



Spellings – Week 4
Set 28.9.20
Tested on 5.10.20



Spellings – Week 5
Set 5.10.20
Tested on 12.10.20


Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das