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Welcome back to the Autumn Term at School - we are delighted to see our pupils back in the classrooms
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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


For the next two weeks, each teacher will be uploading work for the week on a Monday morning (this may continue like this after Easter but, as you know, at the moment we do not know).

Here is an outline of work and activities that we are recommending:

- Daily Calculations (for the five days)
- Practical maths activities
- Worksheets 
- Time table rock stars

- Daily reading
- Spellings
- Reading comprehension activity
- Writing task for the week
Foundation Subject
- This will be a foundation subject activity each week, such as, DT, Art, Science, History or Geography.

- Joe Wicks (the body coach) live PE lessons every day at 9am on his YouTube channel
- Cosmic Kids Yoga (YouTube)
- GoNoodle Dances (GoNoodle website or some are available on YouTube)
- Exercise size challenge: how many star jumps, burpees, push ups and jumping lunges can you do in 1 minute? (1 minute for each)







WB 9th March - We really enjoyed our visit from Graeme! He showed us lots of interesting objects that showed the differences between modern day hospital care and the type of care that patients received during the time of Florence Nightingale. We all agreed that hospitals were not very hygienic places and this helped us to understand the important role Florence Nightingale had in promoting cleanliness in hospitals!!

WB 2nd March - We had a visit from the 'Happy Smiles Club' who talked to us about how to keep our teeth healthy!

WB 2nd March - Have a look at our amazing World Book Day costumes!

WB 2nd March - Some book characters came into our classroom on Wednesday night and left use some clues. We had to use our best detective skills to work out who the characters were!

WB 24th February - We enjoyed reading Funnybones in English! We used freeze frames to show the main events of the story.

WB 10th February - We worked well in our teams to make board games for D&T week! Take a look at some of our designs!

WB 10th February - We painted our sculptures of our creatures this week! We worked carefully to cover all of the clay and paint the small details of our creatures.

WB 10th February - We really enjoyed our visit from the RSPB! We learnt about how to identify a range of birds and explored our school grounds to see which birds we could spot!

WB 10th February - As part of D&T week, we explored a range of games to see which ones we enjoyed the most and why.

WB 3rd February - We have been learning how to animate our own pictures in Computing! We could make our drawings move around the screen, split in half and even explode!

WB 27th January - We had lots of fun on Wednesday afternoon transforming our magical creature designs into clay sculptures!

WB 20th January - We carried out an investigation in Science where we dissolved sugar cubes in different liquids such as warm water, cold water, fizzy water, cola and orange squash. We recorded how many sugar cubes dissolved in each liquid and we found that more sugar cubes dissolved in warm water.

We have been enjoying making potions in our role play area!

An artist visited the school on Tuesday. We made a collage using different shapes and different coloured paper to make an edelweiss flower.

We enjoyed looking at lots of books when we visited Blofield Library!

Thank you for helping us make our dioramas of the Kalahari Desert!

This week some children used knives to make bow and arrows. They carved notches and then tied string tightly onto their sticks. Children showed very good awareness of tool safety and had great fun playing with their bow and arrows during the session. We created a bug hotel, learning about different minibeast habitats and making sure that we provided suitable environments for all sorts of creatures. Many children enjoyed hunting for minibeasts around the site using magnifying glasses and nets. We stuffed bananas with chocolate and marshmallows then baked them in foil over the campfire as a warming treat to end the session.

Objectives covered this half term

Information about this half term

We had a spooky Forest School session today. Children were encouraged to use their imaginations to find all sorts of things around the site. They found pampas grass brooms, conker monster eyeballs, mossy witches’ warts and lots more magical items. We used these things to make potions and magic spells. Many children loved whizzing around the site on broomsticks made with willow and wool. Children also made wands, string spider’s webs and all sorts of clay creatures to hang from the trees. Some children used hammers and nails to help to make a Forest School sign to hang at the entrance-they were so proud of their finished design! After making marmalade last session, we toasted marmalade sandwiches over the campfire this week. Some children helped to lay the fire from scratch and light it on their own. Their developing fire lighting skills were very impressive!

Take a look at our finished castles!

We have been making our own castles in Design and Technology and today we painted them!

We had a beautiful autumnal morning at Forest School this week and the site is full of signs of the season. Following on from last week’s session when we cooked corn on the cobs, this week children cooked popcorn over the campfire.  It was trickier to light the fire today due to the wind but we had some very determined children and we managed to get a good fire going.  The children were amazed to see and hear the corn pop and very much enjoyed eating it too! The heavy rain from earlier in the week had filled the pond so we decided to do some pond dipping; we found lots of interesting creatures to identify, including newt tadpoles.  Many children enjoyed using small hand drills to make holes in the conkers that were scattered around the site. They learnt about tool safety and demonstrated some good fine motor skills. Lots of children were able to thread the string through their hole by themselves and we saw some great knot tying too. Some children then challenged others to a game of ‘Conkers’! We had the clay out again today and we saw some more amazing creations including a cobra and a kangaroo as well as pine cone hedgehogs.  The class enjoyed making lavender bags with fresh lavender too. We made a rope swing in our den building area and also made a roof for our bird hide. It is great so see how involved the children have been in this project-they have asked to make a door for the bird hide next week! 
Today the troll had been creating mischief at Forest School and the pond path had to be closed because it was covered in slippery slime! Children went on a troll hunt and found his home hidden away in the trees. In our den building area they built a troll booby trap and another group decided to turn our bird hide into a troll look-out area. Lots of pupils enjoyed making clay trolls, birds and all sorts of other creatures; they then decorated trees with their beautiful creations. Lots of children enjoyed making leaf crowns and also made bird feeders from cheerios and pipe cleaners. It rained during Forest School this week but this only added to the fun as we made a mud slide! Everyone got very muddy at the ‘mud party’ and it was lovely to see so many smiling, mucky faces. We finished the session with corn on the cobs grilled on the campfire, lit by the children. Thank you to Harry’s grandparents for bringing the corn in for us-it was delicious! 

Something strange has happened in our classroom this week! We came in Tuesday morning to discover that the troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff had ruined an area of our classroom! He left us a letter covered in troll bogies that explained his actions. We have drawn the crime scene and recorded exactly what the troll has done in preparation for our wanted posters!

Year 1 have been enjoying Forest School so far. Over the past few sessions some children have used loppers to prune trees that were shading our growing area and we have now laid soil down ready to create our own vegetable patch. We used some of the branches that we cut to create a bird hide and this week children had a great time peeking through the leaves to spot birds-and to make their friends jump! Children looked for pine cones which they made into bird feeders to hang up in the woods, so hopefully there will be lots of birds to spot next time. The class have enjoyed some games in the forest and have worked really well together to build some very impressive dens using tarps, ropes and hazel poles. Some children have begun to use some simple knots when tying their ropes.  Over the past two sessions children have learnt how to stay safe around the campfire and many children have lit their own mini fires using twigs, cotton wool, petroleum jelly and a fire steel. Last week we toasted marshmallows and this week we made some yummy toffee apples over the campfire.  Many children have been interested in the pond and so we made some fishing rods from sticks and some apple boats to float on the water; the children loved fishing these out with their nets. We were looking at different colours in the natural environment this week. We searched for coloured cards scattered around the woods and then looked for a natural item that matched each card as closely as possible. Children thought very carefully and really began to notice the differences in the shades of colours in the natural environment. We made nature bracelets with some of the items that they found. We look forward to lots more fun next week-thank you so much to our brilliant volunteers and thank you to parents who have donated things for us to use at Forest School!



We have been learning to use objects to represent numbers in different ways.

We had lots of fun on our 'Once upon a time' trip at Gressenhall. We climbed the beanstalk with Jack, made magical potions in the woods with the Wicked Witch, met the Ugly Sisters and helped Cinderella complete all of her chores so that she could go to the ball!

Beginning of term letter

Objectives for this half term

Here are some links to useful websites that children can access at home:

Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das