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Wishing you all a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday 7th September.
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Reception 2019-20

School at Home Week 2 is on the Home Learning Stars on the Class Page Homepage....






School at Home!  

Week 1 23/3/2020  


Reading:  Please try to read a little bit everyday.   I am sure you have many story books at home but you can also go to Oxford Owl where you can find free ebooks - many of which we use in our own reading schemes.  Remember that it's not a competition to read the hardest books!  And you don't have to read a whole book everyday.

It's great to listen to lots of stories too.  "Audible"  have made their children's books free while schools are closed too.


Phonics:  Keep practising the letter sounds.  You can do this using the document below or, if you have access to Powerpoint, there is a presentation you can flick through.  If you use the powerpoint, mix up the order every do often so they don't just learn the sequence!  If you use the sound mat, do it in a different order each time. 

Please also practise the "tricky" words that you are all familiar with.  Children in Reception should know Phase 2-4 words but you can of course learn all of them!   They need to learn to spell them too. Just focus on a few each day, don't think you have to do them all in week 1!

Writing:  If the children can do a little bit of writing each day that would be brilliant.  At school, we do a mixture of things...

Letter formation (handwriting) where we just practise writing individual letters.  See guide below.  Don't just use the sheet as they need to learn to do them independently. 

Writing words which you can do in different ways.  You could pick a story book, look at a page and write some words of what you can see in the picture.  You could do the same thing with a photo, a picture from a comic or a picture on the wall.  You could write things you can see from where you are sitting. Or, you could just tell the children some words to have a go at writing.  Use these lists below if it helps....

Phase 2:   sock pet mum rip sack ten run ram

Phase 3:   hail weep light goat boot cook load feel

Phase 4:   went best fond champ shift children shampoo

Writing sentences.  Use a couple of the words you have written and put it into a sentence.  Say the sentence and then have a go at writing it.  

If you want to be more creative with writing, write about what you are doing at home or write about something you love.  If, for example, you love Disney's Cars then you could write a list of the cars and then write something about one of the cars.  You could even write a little story about an adventure one of the cars had.

You don't need to do all of this writing everyday, but try to write something everyday because it will get much easier the more you do it.


Counting:  Try to count every day.  We count in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's.  Only do 5's once the others are mastered.  You could use the famous "Counting with Jack" that will get you moving around too!

We also use this number square everyday in school - this should work well on a tablet too.  If you show it to the children they will recognise it straight away.


Capacity:  Have some fun with some water and containers (any containers you have).  Get the children to think about which one is biggest/smallest and which would hold the most/least water.  Put your containers in order from smallest to biggest.   You could use a measuring jug and you could fill containers and do some counting.  For example, get a little cup and see how many cupfuls of water fit into each container.  If you have some bottles, do some careful pouring to fill them up - great for motor skills.    

Science Fun!  

To follow on from the maths with water, have fun exploring sound using water and glasses.  Put some water in a selection of glass things and then see what happens when you bang them (CAREFULLY!!) with a spoon (metal or wooden).  If you want to make it look pretty you could put food colouring in the water (or squash I suppose!).  See what happens when you change the amount of water.  You could also investigate what happens, if anything, if you add an object into the water.  Always talk first about what the children think will happen before you do it.  Just have fun!


If you've got the space to, get outside and have some fun.  How many star jumps can you do in a minute?  Can you get better through the week?  Can the grown ups do more or less than the children?! 

Joe Wicks is also going to be doing daily live PE lessons at 9am...



Have a good week, Reception!






















Reception children may be the smallest in the school but they are capable of amazing things!  We encourage them to be independent, inquisitive and resilient.  Our curriculum is built around the Early Learning Goals (below) but is completely tailored to meet the needs and interests of all the children in the class.  We involve the children in the planning by finding out what they already know about and what they would like to learn more about. Their enthusiasm is endless and their ideas are constantly evolving!  

Useful Documents
What are we learning about?

WC 9/3/2020  We have had fun investigating floating and sinking this week.  We have been making predictions about what might happen when we put different materials in water.  We have observed what has happened to see if we were right.  "I think the tube will float because it is curved like the bottom of a boat" and "I think it will sink because it has big holes that the water will go through" were some of our thoughts.  We noticed that some card that was left in water overnight broke up and a key that was left made a mark on the bottom of the container - we thought it was rust.  We used tinfoil to make our own little boats and we added some passengers in when we tested them.  Some of us managed to carry 4 passengers in our boats. 

Some children in our class decided to make a Numicon number line this week.  They made the numbers up to 30.  We used the number line for our maths that day which was fun.  We are getting better at knowing "1 less than" for lots of numbers. 

Everyone seems to be talking about germs this week and we have been learning (again!) how to wash our hands properly.  We are using some bread to see if we have germs on our hands and we even rubbed the bread on our shoes to see what happens to it!  We are looking forward to checking the bread after the weekend....


WC 2/3/2020  We have been planning our new theme this week and we have decided that we would like to find out about lots of different materials because we love making things and finding out about objects.  We talked about what materials are and 'B' said "they are things that you can use".  We came up with a list of all the things we can use and learn more about, such as plastic, wood, cardboard and metal.  'M' said "we could make a plastic boat that could go on water.  Plastic is nice and light and it's waterproof".  So we will be trying this out to see if he is right!

We started looking at lots of different things and talking about what we saw.  It was fun using magnets and comparing things that looked similar. There were also some coloured lenses that we had fun looking through.  'J' noticed that a blue elastic band was green when she looked through the yellow lens.  She said "maybe it's because blue and yellow makes green".  We are looking forward to lots more investigating. 

It was World Book Day on Thursday and we loved dressing up as characters from books.  We read LOADS of stories and we all helped to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk because 'J' made a brilliant beanstalk!  

Finally, on Friday two Dental Nurses came to tell us all about keeping our teeth clean and healthy.  They showed us how to brush our teeth properly and we learnt about the best things to drink for our teeth.  We need to drink lots of water and milk and not too much juice and fizzy drinks.  

WC 24/2/2020  It's Shrove Tuesday!  We learnt that's the proper name for Pancake Day.  "M" told us all, because he knew already, that people used to use up all the things in their cupboards on pancake day.   "L" knew that Christians did that because he goes to Church every week.  We have been busy making pancakes but not just the normal pancakes that we are all familiar with.   We made pancake cake (a tray bake using pancake mixture) and pancake muffins as well.  We put lots of delicious blueberries and raspberries in both of them, which made them super tasty.  We enjoyed stirring, sieving, measuring and we looked for digraphs on the labels of ingredients too!

We also have some pretend pancakes in our class and we had great fun flipping them with the frying pans!

We are also learning about doubles this week and we have been making ladybirds to help us.  We enjoyed drawing our own ladybirds and choosing which numbers to use.  When we were making the pancakes and counting the eggs, "A" noticed "that's a double".  

WC 10/2/2020  WHOLE SCHOOL DT WEEK!!  We have had a great time joining in with the school DT week.  We have been making board games!   We started the week by playing different board games together.  We learnt a lot about taking turns, using dice, counting, reading instructions and strategy.   We talked about the way the games worked and discussed ways we could make a game.  We started with simple steps and rolling the dice to move along.  Then we decided to add in different things to do depending on where you land.  We did a big version in PE and then we made cardboard versions.  Finally, on Friday, we played our games.  We had a lot of fun doing all the things when we landed on them.  One said "Do the splits" so we have been trying to do that!  It's been a great week and we have learnt a lot.  

WC 13/1/2020  We have been learning about lots of different things this week!  We have been finding out about the fires in Australia so we looked at a map to see where Australia is - it's a long way away!  We watched a video of the fires and the aeroplanes trying to drop water on top of them.  We saw a firefighter being very kind to a Koala by giving him some water.  We wanted to understand how the fires spread so we burned some leaves that were wet and some leaves that had dried out.  Mrs Briggs set fire to them and we saw how quickly the dry leaves burned.  The wet leaves didn't burn at all, the flame went out.  We then put some paper next to the smoking dry leaves and suddenly there were some really big flames.  

Mr Heasman did some science with us this week which we really enjoyed.  We were observing how water beads changed when water was added to them.  'L' said "the water has gone inside which is why they are bigger", 'I' said "it looks like eyeballs!" and 'M' said "It's squidgy like snow but warm".  We are now waiting to see what happens to them if we leave them somewhere warm and don't add any more water. 


WC 6/1/2020   We are really pleased to be back after the Christmas holiday.  We have enjoyed catching up with our friends and we have been busy learning.  In maths, we have been finding out about money.  We have been buying our snacks and playing in our class shop.  We are already getting better at counting out coins and finding the right amount.  We have been writing a lot this week too - we are getting better at hearing the sounds in words and writing them down.   

We had a big discussion this week about what we want to learn about this term.  We had lots of good ideas and we are going to include them in our plan.  The first thing we are going to find out about is the weather - because we have seen some things on the TV about the hot weather in Australia and we want to learn more about what happened to the places and animals.  

Before Christmas, a new member joined our class.  His name is Edgar and he's a dragon.  We LOVE him!  This week we had some empty boxes in our classroom and we wanted to make a special place for him to sleep.  We decided to make windows in it and realised we could use sellotape so it looks like glass!  He injured his wing this week so we made him a plaster too!

WC 18/11/2019  We have had so much fun creating our own car wash this week.  We've been finding out how to make the bubbles more bubbly and what is the best thing to clean with.  We have been deciding how much to charge for the car wash too - some people thought we should charge £1000!!  We have been working brilliantly together and singing while we work.  We discovered a drain so the water could wash away and not flood our garden and we had a great time stomping in the water.  

WC 11/11/2019  We have been finding out why people wear poppies at this time of year.  We looked at some very old photos of soldiers fighting in World War 1 and some photos of soldiers today.   We learnt about all the different things soldiers do to help other people - at the moment some soldiers are helping people who have had floods in their homes.  We stopped what we were doing at 11am on Monday and we were silent for two minutes.  We thought about the soldiers that have died while they were fighting.  J drew a beautiful poppy that inspired the rest of us to draw some.  We also drew poppies on red paper and cut them out carefully.  

We have been doing lots of adding in maths this week and we have enjoyed using playing cards to order numbers and add pairs of numbers together.  We have used Numicon and bead strings too - we like using lots of different things to help us with our maths.  

WC 4/11/2019  It has been a very exciting week!  Because we have been learning about cars, M's Daddy brought his Police car to school for us to look at and sit in.  He showed us what the police keep in their cars and what all the different things do.  We were able to try on helmets and jackets and we had a go at lifting the 'enforcer' which was really heavy.  We were very exciting to watch the car driving around the playground with the sirens blaring! Thank you to M's Daddy for such a fantastic visit.

There is also a book fair at school this week and we loved spending time looking at the books with Year 6.  We chose books and then the Year 6 children read to us which we loved.  Thank you Year 6!


WC 28/10/2019  We all had a great half term and were pleased to be back with our friends.  We discussed what we would like to learn about this half term and we are going to start off learning about different types of transport because lots of us are interested in cars, trains and other things that move!  We have started off learning about cars and we went into the school car park (very carefully) and looked at the wheels.  We noticed what they were made of and we compared them to some pictures of some VERY old wheels from thousands of years ago.  We enjoyed watching some footage of some racing cars and we looked at numbers that we see on the roads too.

We are still loving Forest School and had fun toasting marmalade sandwiches on the fire (we made the marmalade ourselves!).  We made broomsticks too and had a lovely time flying around the area on them! 

In PE this week we used the big climbing frame and other apparatus - we loved it!  We were enthusiastic about exploring it and confident climbers.  

We have been excited to have some parents helping in class this week and we've got more coming next week too!

WC 14/10/2019  We had a great time at our Harvest Festival this week.  Our Grandparents came and we had tea and cake with them afterwards.  We were so excited to see them at school.  Mrs Briggs was very proud of us because we stood in front of the whole school to say our Harvest prayer.  We were really loud and confident and the big children loved seeing us (we don't usually go into assembly!).  

WC 7/10/2019  This week we have been using a story we already know to do some work on sequencing.  We're Going on a Bear Hunt was the story and we used a musical version in our PE lessons to make a dance.  We enjoyed watching each other perform the dance and we talked about what we thought was good and how we could make it even better.  We then looked at pictures of the story and had to put them in order and retell the story in our own words.  We found it quite tricky at first but we persevered! 

We are really enjoying our phonics and we have been busy writing the letters we are learning about and reading little words.  

We have had some very special visitors for lunch this week - lots of our parents joined us for lunch.  We showed them what we have to do and loved eating with them.

WC 30/9/2019  This week we are reading the book "The Day the Crayons Quit".  We have been learning about colours, things in our environment, drawing, working together and how we have different skills and talents.  We have been drawing simple objects very carefully.  

In PE, we have had fun doing some team races.  We had to concentrate and think about when it was our turn to run.  We learnt that we had to do our best so that our team worked well together. 

The sun shone for our Forest School afternoon this week!  We made holes in conkers, fished, made hedgehogs, dens and popcorn over the fire.  

WC 23/9/2019   It has been a VERY exciting week because we have been on our first school trip!  'I' said it was "the best day ever".  We went on a big coach into Norwich.  We visited Pizza Express to learn how they make their pizzas.  They told us how to make the dough (using six ingredients) and then we had to get our base ready, add tomato sauce and put toppings of our choice on.  We got to bring them home to eat for our tea too!  'J' said "I didn't quite like the olives but I really liked the mushrooms".  We have been reading a story called The Pizza Princess, which has reminded us how important it is to have good manners.  


WC 16/9/2019  This week we have been enjoying reading lots of different stories and doing some acting to help us remember what has happened in them.  We have been talking about our favourite books and choosing some books that we haven't read before from our brilliant selection at school.  

In PE, we have been finding lots of different ways of moving around and bending our bodies.  We have enjoyed pretending to be different animals!  

WC 9/9/2019  It's been a very busy week because we have been at school all day, every day!  We were excited and nervous about our first lunch at school but we are already getting used to the routine.  We have also had a brilliant time at our first Forest School afternoon.  We made some fantastic fishing rods and dens! 


WC 2/9/2019  We've had a brilliant few mornings at school getting to know each other and the routines.  We have been playing happily together and finding our way around our classroom and garden.  We already know where lots of things are kept in the classroom and we are enjoying finding the things we need ourselves.  Next week, we are looking forward to our first PE session and exploring a bit more of the school....














































RECEPTION 2018-19 

WC 17/6/2019  Enrichment Week this week!  We have had so much fun visiting other classrooms, working with other teachers and having special visitors.  We learnt some basic Karate moves and we enjoyed doing some mindful breathing in Thai Chi - 'O' said "this is really relaxing".  We visited different countries during our cultural day and we especially liked doing some origami.  Outside, we looked at pattern and shape and made some pictures using sticks.  We are really proud of what we did. 

We finished the week with a trip to Bewilderwood and we had an amazing day, challenging ourselves and discovering what amazing things we are able to do!

WC 3/6/2019  We all had a super half term holiday but are glad to be back.  'M' said on Monday, "Mrs Briggs, I'm so happy to be back at school".   It has been a very exciting week as we have had our first swimming lessons in the school pool (No photos yet but look out for some next week).   James (our swimming teacher) was really impressed with how confident we were in the water.  We had to collect sinkers from the bottom of the pool, amongst other things.  

'D' told us that she went Magnet Fishing in the holiday and she explained that she had a fishing rod with a magnet on and she put it in the water and found things, including a nail from a long time ago.  We decided this would be a great thing to do at school so we have been working out how we can do this with the resources we have in the classroom.  We made our own magnet fishing rods and we gathered a collection of things to put in the water.  We learnt lots about floating and sinking as well different materials and their magnetism.  

On Friday we all wore our pyjamas for school!  We were raising money for BookTrust who want to help all children to enjoy books and bedtime stories.

WC 20/5/2019  There has been a lot of creative play this week as well as plenty of writing and maths!   We have been working on doubles so we have been doubling all kinds of things!  We are getting really good at reading and some of us have been reading stories to our friends and the rest of the class.  

WC 13/5/2019  Quack, quack, quack!  We have some amazing ducks living with us this week and we LOVE them!  We have one male and one female and their names are Woody and Jess.  We love the noises they make and we spend a lot of time watching them because they are so interesting.  We have been writing about them, drawing them, talking to them and watching them swim too!  We have been learning about their life cycle and the different parts of their bodies. 

WC 7/5/2019  We painted some portraits of Queen Elizabeth this week and we are really proud of them.  We had to mix the colours for her skin and hair and we looked carefully at photos of her to see what colour her eyes are.  

The weather has been miserable this week but that has meant we have had some brilliant puddles to jump around in!  We had a lot of fun and some of us had wellies full of water! 

WC 29/4/2019   This week we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II.  E went to London during the holidays so she told us all about Buckingham Palace and showed us some photos.  We have been finding out about the Queen's age, how many children she has, where she lives and some of the things she does.   We have also been writing letters asking her to come and visit Blofield School!  We've been making some crowns and some of us noticed that she sometimes wears a sash so we decided to make those too. 

As well as learning about the Queen, we have been investigating electrical items and we had a challenge to try to release the disc that was trapped in the DVD player.  We did it!  We continue to love our Secret Garden too and we have been challenging ourselves physically by climbing up the pole, riding with no stabilisers and hanging upside down from the bars. 


WC 22/4/2019  We have had a good week back at school - we are excited to be back with our friends.  On Tuesday, we all walked to Blofield Church to celebrate Easter together.  It was a lovely Spring day and we noticed lots of beautiful flowers, insects and butterflies during our walk.  We enjoyed singing in the church and looking at the wonderful windows.  

We have been discussing what we would like to learn about this term and we've come up with some great ideas.  Some children in our class went to London in the holiday and were talking about the Queen.  S said "Maybe we could learn about the Queen and find out if she has any children".  Lots of other people came up in our discussion, so we are going to learn about different interesting people such as Bear Grylls, Norwich City footballers, Shakespeare, Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough.  H was also keen to find out about people who invented trains.  We are going to be very busy! 

In PE this week, we had fun running on the big field and we loved it! We have been playing team games too and have learned that we have to work together and not let our team mates down!


WC 1/4/2019   O made a brilliant Easter Bunny puppet after seeing one in his reading book and then he taught everyone else how to do it.  We are going to do some little puppet shows with them.  

Science Day was great fun once again.  It was a mixture of Science and DT this time and we had to find a way of protecting an egg so that when we dropped it on the floor it wouldn't break.  We worked in teams and learned a lot about taking turns to talk and listen.  Once we had made our creations, we tested them outside.  Some were made by sticking lots of boxes together and putting the egg in.  One fell apart but the egg didn't crack - C thought that "all the stuff on it slowed it down so it didn't break".   

The Dinosaurs made a very chocolatey mess this week but they also left a big egg with a ribbon on and a message that it was for us to wish us a Happy Easter.  It was filled with chocolate bunnies!  Thank you, Dinosaurs and Happy Easter everyone! 



WC 25/3/2019  We have been doing lots of writing this week.  As well as writing about the dinosaurs we painted, we have also been making our own books.  We have been writing fiction and non-fiction books and then reading them to each other. 

Outside, we have been challenging ourselves to ride the bike without stabilisers and to ride up the slope without having to put our feet down.  We have been climbing on the bars and trying to throw accurately to a target.  On Friday, we were very excited to cut the hair of our Grass Heads!  Some of us cut the hair really short and some of us gave them some crazy hair styles!  Someone asked "will their hair grow again?" so now we are waiting to see if it does or not.  We predicted that it will because when the grass on the field is cut, it grows again.  

WC 18/3/2019  Another busy week!  We are still learning about dinosaurs because we are enjoying it so much.  This week, we have been finding out about palaeontologists and hunting for dinosaur fossils.  We have been digging very gently so we don't damage any fossils that might be there, and we have used brushes to remove the sand.  We have been to visit Blofield Library too.  We found lots of books about dinosaurs as well as lots of other interesting books.  On the way to the library we noticed lots of beautiful Spring flowers - C said "they smell just like summer time".    

WC 11/3/2019  The dinosaurs are still causing havoc in our classroom!  We love them visiting though and can't wait to see what they have done each day.  We are learning about what dinosaurs like to eat, how them move and how big they are.  We keep adding to our list of things we want to find out about them! 

We have been very excited this week as our 'grass heads' have started to grow (we made them a couple of weeks ago).  We have been writing about what we have seen and we will be measuring how long the grass is and finding out which one has grown the most.  

WC 4/3/2019  It has been a very exciting week!  On Monday, some very mischievous dinosaurs invaded our classroom and made a big mess!  They have been doing something different every day and we have been excited to see what they will do next.  We have been writing letters to them to find out more about them.  We also had to write to them to remind them about their manners when they said "We want pancakes!"  We have been investigating dinosaur footprints and R had a great idea of making our own footprints on paper outside.  

On Shrove Tuesday we enjoyed making pancakes and eating them.  We made the dinosaurs a pancake too!  E said it was the best pancake she had ever eaten!

We celebrated World Book Day on Friday and everyone looked fabulous in their costumes.  We loved W's outfit as he came dressed as the Saucepan Man from our story.  

Our tennis lesson was great - we learnt how to serve and have a rally with our partners. We are beginning to remember the proper names for the shots too. 

WC 25/2/2019  After learning about food chains before half term, we have had a week learning about plants and what they need to grow.  The amazing weather meant we found lots of new buds on the plants around the school and we saw some flowers and blossom too.  We have made our own Grass Heads and are hoping that the grass might start to grow next week.  We know that we need to water them and we decided the best place to keep them would be the sunny window sill in our classroom. 

We have been lucky to have a tennis coach teaching us how to play tennis this week and he is coming every week until Easter.  We had a Mad Science assembly too where we found out about air using balloons - and some very noisy hair dryers!

It was World Thinking Day for Girl Guides and Girls Scouts during half term so we had a special day on Tuesday when some children wore their uniform to school and told us all about it. 

WC 11/2/2019  We have spent most of the week outside being physical and creative!  We have been investigating animals and plants in our garden, recreating the story of the Enchanted Wood (which we have been listening to at story time every day) and finding new ways of using the pole and bars.  We've been making homes for creatures and mud meals for goblins!  J also wanted to teach us how to make maps using tea bags because he had made some at home.  He was an excellent teacher!

WC 4/2/2019  On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day so we remembered the things we have to do to stay safe online.  We know that we need to ask our Mummy or Daddy (or the grown up we are with) to help us if something happens that we are not sure about.  We remember these important things when we are using the iPads and computers in school too. 

Whilst learning about real tigers, we have also been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  We have been doing some drama, writing menus for a tea party and we had our own little tea party too.  When we prepared the food we did lots of halving as that's what we have been learning about in maths.  

In PE we have been doing yoga and turning ourselves into animals! Outside, some of us decided to see if we could dig deep enough to get to lava and we also made a great hedgehog house too!

WC 28/1/2019  W shared some photos of an exhibition he went to based on 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' book.  Because we are learning about animals this term, we decided to find out about tigers.  We watched some tigers hunting in the wild and were amazed when the tiger caught an antelope for his tea.  We found out about food chains and what animals tigers prefer to eat!  After we watched the tigers, we wrote some sentences about the things we saw.  We also looked at tiger stripes and found out that every tiger has different stripes, just like our finger prints.  

We have been doing loads of number work this week and we are getting really good at counting, as well as adding and subtracting.  We had fun practising using playing cards.  


WC 21/1/2019  We have been making Monkey Cake this week, to complete our learning about monkeys.  We have been finding out about the different things monkeys eat and then we made the cake using mashed bananas.  We had to mash, measure and mix, amongst other things.  We have been doing another science investigation too - finding out what is the best thing to clean coins after we noticed (when learning about money last week) that some of our coins are very shiny and some are not.  We discussed how to make our investigation fair (and 'air' is a trigraph we have been learning this week too!) and we did some careful measuring.  

This week we also found out that A is brilliant at making paper aeroplanes so he has been teaching us how to make them. We've had a great time flying them outside.  We realised that we needed to change and improve them before flying them again!

WC 14/1/2019  This week has been all about monkeys!  We have been watching some amazing clips of squirrel, tamarin and spider monkeys. We watched how they move around and listened to the sounds they make.  We noticed that there are lots of similarities between monkeys and us!  We have been painting monkeys and drawing some too - looking carefully at photos to help us.  

Our class shop has been open this week as we have been learning about money.  We have been looking at price tags and counting out the correct number of coins.  We have been using money to buy our snacks too.  In PE, we've been using tennis rackets which we really enjoyed.  We've been creative with different materials outside and have enjoyed stomping in water too. We continue to love phonics and have been learning some trigraphs this week and using them in our writing. A busy week!

WC 7/1/2019  Last week we had a big discussion about what we wanted to learn about this term and we had loads of great ideas.  Lots of the ideas were about animals and nature so that's what we will be learning about.  We are starting by learning about monkeys - H saw a programme about monkeys and knows there are lots of different types.  We will find out what they are over the next couple of weeks.  We have been creating animals and plants to turn a corner of our classroom into a jungle.  

We have been busy using our new Maths packs this week - counting with bead strings and playing number games with playing cards. We did some brilliant counting in 10's using the different colours on the strings. 

In our celebration assembly on Friday were excited to find out that we won the trophy for being the best class at recycling.  It is displayed in our classroom for all to see!

4/1/2018  We have only had 2 days at school this week but we have really made the most of them!  Today was SCIENCE DAY!  We were really excited because we could remember all the things we did for our last experiment.  This time we had to help Mr Heasman with a problem - finding out why his hair gel didn't work when he went swimming in the sea but it did work in the rain.  We had some great ideas about what might have gone wrong...."When he was swimming he went forward and his hair went backwards and pushed the gel out" and "I think it was because it was warm and it melted".  Then C had a brilliant idea...."I think it was because in the sea the water is salty".  So we created an experiment to test if the salt made a difference to the hair gel.  When we were planning it, T had a great idea that perhaps Mr H had less hair gel in when he went in the sea compared to in the rain.   We asked Mr H but he said he had the same amount in.  

We had a great time testing the gel and found that the salt DID change the hair gel and "it went all drippy".  We learned that it changed it from a solid into a liquid.  We then decided to find out what happened when we mixed other things in.  A great day to start the term!  

WC 10/12/2018  When we came to school on Tuesday, we noticed a lot of frost and ice on the ground and on our cars.  So we went on an ice hunt to see what we could find out.  We found some amazing frosty leaves and we noticed the veins in the leaves.  We also found out that we could melt the frost on the leaves because "our warm breath melts the frost".  We had fun writing in the frost on the picnic benches and we looked at the frozen water in our Secret Garden.  We talked about how to keep safe if we see frozen ponds or rivers and we cracked the ice with a stick to see what would happen if we stood on it.  There were some really big pieces of ice that we could see through!  

WC 3/12/2018  We have been doing lots of fun activities to help us develop our muscles and coordination.  We loved using the hammers and were very careful with them.  We also mastered picking up marbles with tweezers!  We learnt how to make our own dough and had fun choosing what colour to make it.  We noticed that if we put two colours in, they made a different colour.  We have been writing lists and letters to send to Father Christmas too.  We had our first rehearsal for our Christmas play next week and we are getting excited about our Mums and Dads coming to see us. 

WC 26/11/2018   We had a brilliant trip to the Playhouse to see The Snail and the Whale.  We loved going on the coach and getting sprayed with water pistols during the show!  We had a picnic in our classroom when we got back which we also loved as we usually eat in the hall.  

We have been creating clay masterpieces on the trees outside, working out how to fix broken waterfalls and digging for treasure.  We did some litter picking too after watching a news clip about how litter harms nature. 

More parents have been to visit us this week and we have had fun making our own play dough, playing games and climbing on the big apparatus in PE.  

Year 4 visited us this week to read with us.  We loved showing them all our books and they enjoyed reading them to us.  We are hoping they will visit again!

WC 19/11/2018   We have had more Mums and Dads visiting us this week and they have been very impressed with how much we learn in a day.  When D's Dad visited, he told us all about Nigeria which is a country in Africa where he grew up.  He read us a story in Yoruba, which is the other language that he can speak.  We tried saying the numbers to 10 and some animal names in Yoruba.   He also let us try on some traditional clothes.  He explained that they are loose and light as it is so hot there.  

As it is getting colder, we have been making some bird feeders for our garden and we noticed on Friday that the birds have been nibbling them already.  We did some good problem solving outside too - working out why the water was leaking in a waterfall and then trying to fix it.  

We have been reading The Snail and the Whale in preparation for our trip next week.  We looked at some real snail shells and have been drawing our own spirals.  When we cut them out we discovered they make great decorations.  

WC 12/11/2018  We have been been making and painting poppies this week to remind us of the brave soldiers who died in wars.  They are going on the wall in our classroom so everyone can see them.

E brought in her Gruffalo Recipe book this week and her Mummy was very kind and sent some ingredients too so that we could use one of the recipes.  We are making pizzas and had a great time kneading the dough!  There was a lot of noise in our classroom when we were making music with lots of instruments.  We made little bands and performed to our friends!  We have more parents visiting us in class this week which is very exciting!  

WC 5/11/2018  What a busy week!  We had a great time reading some new books from the visiting Book Fair.  Some children from Year 6 read to us and so did some adults from other classes - we really loved it.  We have been creating firework masterpieces and baking yummy gingerbread biscuits.  We have been very physical outside this week too, discovering how high we can jump and different ways of swinging and climbing. 

Every day this week we have Mummy's and Daddy's coming to join us for lunch - it's great being able to show them what we do each day.  Three of our parents have been helping in class this week too and we've got more coming every week!