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Happy New Year. Welcome back to the Spring term at Blofield Primary School
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Welcome to Reception!  


WC 10/1/22

We loved our science experiments last week so we have done more this week!  We discussed how things change and how the water last week turned to ice.  We had the idea that we could investigate melting this week.  We looked at a block of butter and when we were passing it around, we noticed that it started to melt just from the warmth in our hands.  We thought of different places we could put some butter and different ways to melt it.  We had butter on the radiator, in pots around the classroom and we used the microwave and the oven too.  We used a hair dryer which we really enjoyed!  Then we made toast and watched what happened to the butter when we spread it on!  It has been a lot of fun.  

We were lucky to have a special visitor this week.  Anna originally came from Africa and she brought some amazing drums for us to use and we learnt some songs.  We made so much noise and we loved it!

WC 3/1/22

We were excited to be back at school after our holiday.  It was such a cold start to the term and J told us that he had been de-icing his Dad's car before coming to school.  We talked about why the cars were icy and looked at the weather forecast and temperatures.  We decided to leave some pots of water in the garden overnight and see what happened.  The next day, we were very excited to discover that some of the water had frozen.  Not all of it had frozen, so we had some good discussions about why it hadn't.  H thought that "maybe there just wasn't enough coldness".  When we looked at the tub that was made of thick plastic we noticed the water in it hadn't frozen at all.  J suggested, "maybe the cold wasn't strong enough to get through the plastic".  We decided to put our pots in the freezer the next night and we had a lot of fun melting the ice the next day (and trying to save the dinosaurs we had frozen in them!).  


WC 29/11/21

It has been a week of great excitement!   We have started rehearsing for our Christmas play and we are lucky enough to have Advent Calendars at home that we have started to open.  We have enjoyed doing lots of singing and learning how to use clear, loud voices on the stage.  We were so excited when we first saw the stage; we all gasped!  It has been fun doing some acting and thinking about how we move about on the stage.  

WC 22/11/21

We have had fun in our kitchen this week!  Mrs Briggs was given some lovely apples, so we have been learning how to use knives, graters and peelers.  Once we had prepared the apples, we added some other fruit to them and mixed it all together with some tasty honey.  One of the things we added was dates which were interesting because lots of us had never eaten them before.  We cooked our apple mixture and then enjoyed eating it while it was warm.  Some of us loved it and some of us didn't like it quite so much.  We talked about the flavours and textures and what else we could mix into it.  

We have been enjoying number work this week and using ten frames to learn about different numbers.  We are doing so much counting while we are at school and we are definitely getting better at it!  There has been plenty of creativity in the classroom too...H decided to make a kite and we have been experimenting with different ways of making them.  

WC 15/11/21

When we were looking at "what's in the news" we were interested about an item that was about subtitles.  We didn't know what they were so we looked at some and found out what they were used for.   We then learnt about what it means if you are deaf.  Some of us thought that head phones were hearing aids so we had a look at both and found out the difference between them.  Throughout the week we have been learning some Makaton sign language and we have had fun trying to communicate using the signs we have learnt.  Next week, we are going to learn about some more disabilities and the things that people use to help them when they find some things hard.  

We loved learning about shapes in our maths this week.  We made shapes in different ways and particularly enjoyed using a huge elastic band to make shapes outside!

WC 8/11/21

We were really interested to learn about why people wear poppies at this time of year.  We looked at photos of soldiers from a long time and soldiers who are working today.  We found out that they don't just fight!  We noticed the difference between their uniform in WW1 and their uniform today; the helmets are very different.  Since learning about it, we have spotted so many people wearing poppies.  We decided to make out own poppies and we have enjoyed painting them and making them with card and paper.  

In PE this week, we had a great time outside playing running games that got our hearts beating fast.   Mrs Briggs was really impressed with how good we were at Yoga this week too!  

We learn about some things in the news each week and this week we found out about some seal pups that have been born in Norfolk.  It was exciting to learn about some good news from the county we live in.

As well as all of that, we are loving learning about numbers while we play and learning how to write too.

WC 1/11/21

What a busy week we have had!  We have been learning about the Hindu celebration of Diwali, which we have really enjoyed.  We made patterns using bright sand and pasta shapes, we made little diva lamps and we learnt a dance that would be part of the celebrations.  Because we were looking at the lovely patterns they create as part of their Diwali celebrations, we have been learning about pattern in maths too.  We loved creating patterns using colours and equipment.  

We have been painting bonfires and drawing fireworks because we learnt about Guy Fawkes and his plot to kill the king.  We loved using our fingers, as well as paint brushes, to create our bonfires.  

Next week we will be finding out why people where poppies at this time of year.  


WC 18/10/21

It has been a very exciting week because we had our first school trip.  We were so excited because we were going into Norwich and taking our packed lunches with us!  We went on the coach to Norwich Cathedral (which is enormous) and we saw Dippy the Dinosaur!  A lady from the Cathedral told us lots of interesting things - our favourite thing was looking at Dippy's head (they have a spare one!) and seeing how big it is compared to ours.  'B' noticed that his head is very small compared to his body though.  

Next, we walked (we were really sensible) all the way to St Peter Mancroft church where we saw the "Gaia" exhibition.  It was a big globe.  It was interesting to see what planet earth looked like from space.  We noticed lots of blue sea and cloud.  We spotted Africa and Australia too. We had our lunch in the church and we were pleased that the sun came out and lit up the amazing stained glass windows.  It was a great day and we are looking forward to going on another trip.  

WC 11/10/21 

We have been learning some interesting things about dinosaurs this week!  We looked at how a T-Rex's built nests for their eggs using rotting plants to keep the eggs warm.  We also looked at the size of the different parts of the T-Rex. There has been a lot of fun making dinosaur costumes out of cardboard boxes and drawing dinosaur footprints too.  We compared the dinosaur footprints with our own footprints.  

In our number work this week, we have been comparing amounts and having fun doing some subtraction.  We are enjoying counting every day with silly voices too!

WC 4/1/21 

This week, the children have been sharing their knowledge of dinosaurs before we begin learning more about them.  'H' told us that he thinks a meteor came down and destroyed all the dinosaurs.  'J' thinks they are now extinct and that means their aren't any alive.  

We have been sorting objects and exploring pattern this week.  The children did some careful pattern painting which was also a great way of practising using a paint brush and developing fine motor skills.  Everyone is enjoying phonics and keen to learn new sounds each day.  


WC: 20/9/21  

The children are settling in well to school life and enjoying all the new adventures and challenges.  'B' said, "Mrs Briggs, I never want to leave here!" and E said, "I LOVE school", so that's a good start! 

We have started learning some traditional nursery rhymes which are helping us to understand rhyming words.  It's great reciting nursery rhymes and poems together too.  This week we have had fun pretending to be Miss Muffet!  We made spiders using card and paper, and we learned how to make curds and whey wasn't very nice!  While we were on a spider theme we enjoyed singing "Incy Wincy Spider" and flushing our toy spiders down the drain pipe!  























Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das