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Wishing you all a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday 6th September 2021
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Reception 2020 - 21


WC 26/4/21  We've continued to learn about Penguins this week and the children and there has been more waddling and penguin art going on!  We have also been using the Beebots, which the children have loved.  They did brilliantly at programming them and realised they could give them instructions to move under and around things (and people!).  

In our RSE lessons, we have been learning about emotions.  We've talked about the different emotions we experience and when we experience them.  We've been learning about keeping our bodies clean too - including teeth and bottoms! 

WC 19/4/21  The children have made a super start to the summer term and they have enjoyed being back with their friends after the Easter break.  We have been continuing to learn about animals and the children have loved learning more about Penguins.  They thought "Macaroni"  was a funny name for a type of penguin!  They have been getting into a penguin huddle to see how it feels to be on the edge or in the middle. They also had a lot of fun pretending a ball was a penguins egg and trying to balance it on their feet.  

The weather has been wonderful and the children have had a great time outside.  It's been lovely to see them helping each other so much and working as a team while they are playing and learning.

WC 22/3/21 The week has flown by and the children have been happy and busy.   We have been learning about animals which they have LOVED and it has prompted many interesting discussions about life, death and the planet!  While learning about Polar Bears we were finding out about melting ice caps and talking about the things that we can do to help our planet.  The children have been doing some fantastic drawings too - including some of volcanos as we were finding out about the volcano that erupted in Iceland.

There was more superb running this week as we try to keep fit and healthy.  It was brilliant to see children challenging themselves and there were great improvements in running and resilience.

WC 15/3/21   After a long time away from school, it has been lovely to have all the children back in class for the last couple of weeks.   They have settled really well and they have been so excited to see all their friends.  They have been deciding what to learn about in the classroom and what resources they need and this has led to us beginning to learn about different animals and habitats because they have been so interested in this.  This week, we have been watching some clips from David Attenborough's amazing programmes.  The children have loved this!  They were amazed to see how fast gazelles could run when they were trying to escape fire!  

The children felt so proud of themselves when they did some amazing running this week.  Some of them managed to run a mile and some ran even further!  They were exhausted but very happy! 










































WC  16/11/20  There has been a lot of team work going on in Reception this week!  We tried to build our own rockets with cardboard boxes and tubes - we've had a lot of tape tangles and tricky things to cut but we have had fun.  The messy tray looked like it was from space this week and we had to find the hidden objects.  It was all very slippery so we had to hold and control the tongs and pegs carefully.  We also learnt that Tim Peake, the astronaut, had to do lots of challenging things while he was training to be an astronaut and that if we want to be astronauts, we need to challenge ourselves too. 

Our reading and writing is getting better every week!  We have been reading many words this week and matching them to pictures.   We have been writing words every morning too and we are really excited that we can write stuff ourselves!

Next week, we will be finding out how astronauts go to the toilet on the International Space Station....  


WC  9/11/20  We have been so excited about our space topic this week and we know a lot already!  We have enjoyed finding out about the planets and we have pretended to be planets orbiting each other!  There is a dark little space den in our classroom now and we love using the torches and reading space books in there.  

As well as space, we have also been learning about Remembrance Day and why everyone has been wearing poppies.  We painted some poppies to remind us of the brave soldiers. 

It was Children in Need this week too, so we came to school wearing spots and stripes and we learnt how some children need help in many different ways.  


WC 2/11/20  We are happy to be back at school after a lovely half term.  We have been coming up with ideas about what we would like to learn about next and we have decided to learn about Space!  Some of us already know a few things about space but there are so many more things to learn.  We have enjoyed making some rockets this week to decorate our classroom with and we have started to find out about the planets.  

We are loving learning about phonics and we are starting to read so many words.  In maths, we have been doing some tricky problem solving to work out where some missing bears have gone and we are getting good at counting too.  

WC  12/10/20  This week, we read the story A Squash and A Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.  We retold the story together and we used a hoop as the house.  Some of us pretended to be the animals and it was funny when we were all squished into the hoop!  After that, we used Lego and small animals to make our own version of the story and retell it to our friends. 

We have been busy with number work this week.  We have been counting, matching numbers, sorting and creating patterns.  We are good at recognising some amounts and we don't even need to count them - we just know how many there are.  We are loving Phonics work too and we know lots of letter sounds already! 

WC  5/10/20   We have loved listening to lots of good stories this week.  We have learnt so many new words from the books and we have been recreating some of the stories in our play.  Some of the stories remind us of the importance of being kind and sharing things with our friends.  We have been trying to be kind and thoughtful when we are working together. 

It has been lovely to see the sunshine this week too.  We have spent a lot of time outside exploring our school grounds and noticing nature and the beautiful things around us.  We used things we could find outside to make faces and patterns.  The grass had just been cut too, so we had a brilliant time making nests!  

We have been busy doing many activities that help us to build strength in our hands and fingers.  We enjoyed learning how to peel an orange this week!  Lots of us had never done it ourselves before and we were very proud when we did it!

WC 28/9/20  This week we have been reading a story about a little boy who makes a very strange cake for a tea party with his cuddly toys.  So, we made our own strange cake using the same recipe!  Some of the children bravely tried it and it wasn't as bad as they thought it might be!  

We have also been doing lots of activities that make our hand muscles stronger.  We have used water, play dough, tweezers and coloured sand.  


WC: 21/9/20  We have had a great week in Class R!  Peter Rabbit left some radishes for the children to try - they thought they were rather hot!  We had some left over so we left them in the Secret Garden to see if they would tempt Peter Rabbit and they did!  The children were amazed to find them nibbled and squashed.  We had been learning that rabbits can do quite high jumps so 'J' left a radish up on the side of the climbing frame and Peter managed to get it!  The children had fun at "Carrot Cafe" learning how to chop and grate carrot.  They enjoyed using knives and graters - and tasting the carrot of course!  

We were pleased that it was so dark and rainy on Friday because we learning about the letter 'p' and we lit a candle so that we could have a go at puffing it out (safely of course).  The candle light made our classroom very cosy!

WC: 14/9/2020   It's been a busy couple of weeks as the children settle into their new school.  They have been amazing and it feels like they've been here for months!  They have spent a lot of time outside enjoying the lovely weather.   The children were very excited this week because there was a special visitor in the Secret Garden.....we think it was Peter Rabbit!  We looked at the clues left behind and came up with some cunning plans about how we might be able to see him without scaring him away.  We've been drawing some rabbits too.  We are hoping he will come again next week....we are ready to hunt for clues from his visits!  'C' said this week, "I don't want to leave big school ever, it's so much fun!"   


Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das