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All families and friends are invited to join us for our Easter Service on MONDAY 26TH MARCH, 2.00 p.m. at Blofield church
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Blofield Primary School

Home Page

Blofield Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Headteacher                                                   Mrs T J Doggett

Deputy Headteacher:                                      Mr J McCrea


Teaching Staff:

Reception                                                        Mrs H Briggs 

Class 1                                                            Mr F Heasman 

Class 2                                                            Mr J McCrea/Mrs C Farrow

Class 3                                                            Miss E Light

Class 4                                                            Mr K Hussein

Class 5                                                            Mr A Hilson/Mrs R Prior (SENCO)                                                      Class 6                                                            Miss H Milton

P.E. Leader                                                     Mr P Keating

Music Leader                                                  Mrs A Laws    

Modern Foreign Languages Leader               Mrs A Pandit


Non-Teaching Staff:

Higher Level Teacher Assistant                      Mrs S D'Rosario

Teacher Assistant                                           Mrs P Dean

Teacher Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor           Mrs D Jeary

Teacher Assistant/Sen Mid-day Supervisor    Mrs S Culley-Barber

Teacher Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor           Mrs A Mitchell

Teacher Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor           Mrs L Guymer

Teacher Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor           Miss K Kemp

Teacher Assistant/Mid-day Supervisor           Mrs S Fulcher

Learning Support Asst/Mid-day Supervisor    Mrs V Conway

Learning Support Asst/Mid-day Supervisor    Mrs J Keeble

Learning Support Asst/Mid-day Supervisor    Ms L Woodards

Learning Support Asst/Mid-day Supervisor    Ms R Ellis

Learning Support Asst/Mid-day Supervisor    Mrs P Willimott

Learning Support Asst/Mid-day Supervisor    Mrs J Coull

Mid-day Supervisory Assistant                       Mrs C Halfyard


Secretary/Finance Officer                              Mrs W Gitsham

Office Assistant                                              Mrs S D’Rosario

Pianist                                                            Mrs J Oxborough

Caretaker/Cleaner                                         Mr N Woodards

Cleaner                                                          Ms G Hall


Kitchen staff:

Cook                                                              Mrs H Norton

Kitchen Assistant                                           Mrs K O'Mahoney

Kitchen Assistant                                           Mrs S Page    









Blofield Primary School Values

  • “Win or lose, do it fairly.” Knute Rockne
  • “Everyone should be respected as an individual” Albert Einstein
  • “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges” Joyce Meyer
  • “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Ramana Maharshi
  • “A little attention, a little kindness, a little thoughtfulness are worth more than all the wealth in the world.” Avijeet Das